Custom Orders - New Items

Thought I would share some custom pieces that went out to 
Denver today! 

I think they are yummy. 

Tissue Cases - 5-

Zippered Top Ipad Cases 25-

Button Front Ipad Case with Front Pocket 25- 
in Woodstock Paisley

Zippered Top Ipad Case in Confetti Dot 25-

Button Front Ipad Case in Tea Time 25-

Tons of Ruffled Headbands 8- 

Small Zippered Wallets 12-

Large Zippered Wallet 19- 

Jersey Rose 8-

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Tutorial - Black Bean Corn Salsa

One of my favorites.  It is a little spicy but the sweet corn balances it out.  The beans give it that protein punch that I love. The president loves this stuff!

This is by no way my recipe but rather my adaptation of a few recipes smashed together.  So yummy!


  • 1 can, 14 ounces, black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 2 cups fresh corn kernels
  • 1 small red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable or olive oil, eyeball it
  • 1/3 cup cilantro, finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper


Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Let stand at least 15 minutes for corn and flavors to combine, then toss and serve. The corn will also place a quick-chill on this easy side-salad.


blue Monday

Really, there is no big reason to be blue lately - - it just seems to happen.  Bummer.

 Not saying the entire day is a waste.  There was the beautiful morning God allowed me to enjoy with P.  The decent run.  The fact that all of the Big Three kids had clean clothes to wear to school.  A good salad for lunch.  Not too shabby.

But before I indulge in making another tray of fudgey brownies I decided to search out things that made me smile (and didn't hinder my 10 lb weight loss that I am still trying to achieve).

So here you go, I hope you find something to make you smile -- I know I did!

                               Source: dancinthemoonlight.tumblr.com via Kaela on Pinterest

No comment needed here - everyone loves cupcakes!

                                   Source: createfindadmire.tumblr.com via Rose on Pinterest

Hate it when they pop - love to see them float

                               Source: arefocusedlife.blogspot.com via Stephane on Pinterest

There is something so renewing about feeling the sand between your toes

                                            Source: flickr.com via Christine on Pinterest

Spending summers on the North Fork of Long Island -- along with eating good pizza

                                               Source: burpee.com via Natalie on Pinterest

one of my favorite Flowers - zinnias

So, what makes you smile? What old memories do you like to recall to bring the day back in perspective?


Shop Update

I haven't blog all week.  It isn't that I haven't had anything to say.  Those who know me well know that would NEVER happen.  I have just been distracted.  Distracted by a hurricane.  Distracted by earthquakes.  Distracted by fourth grade homework.  Distracted by the cool mornings and calling asphalt.  Most of all, I was pleasantly distracted by the joys of having Ms. P home alone with me!  

Even today, I find myself with some quiet time only to use it watching the wind gently blow the leaves.  Fortunately I was able to find enough guster (or maybe it was the mocha) to update the shop a little.  Much for the anticipated upcoming Christmas Season!  Hope you enjoy!  


Infectious Desire

It will not leave me alone.  A constant drumming in the background reminding me to keep going.  I really have no idea what it will be but I do know what I want it not to be.  I want to leave behind the big boxes of the world, the competition of newest, the need to be the best, and look forward to being content.  But where does one find contentment?  Is there such a place?

                                                                     Source: legacyfarmsandranchesnc.com via Heather on Pinterest

In my content world I look only to fields to watch more than the flowers grow.

                                                                         Source: cormackphotos.blogspot.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

My kids and I spend our days wandering.

                                                                                 Source: google.com via Vulpine on Pinterest

Quiet time is spent in front of a quiet pond.  Oh, to dream.

 Could this actually happen in today's society or is something this housewife will dream about while looking thru a magazine?  The drum beat only keeps getting louder.

Its Free!

I have been keeping an eye on the free listings in Craigslist.  I have a short list of things that I need for my boutique display and I am so hoping to find them free.

                                                                               Source: homeroad.net via Heather on Pinterest

1.  3 doors.  Preferable french doors with the glass gone
2. large windows - no glass
3. chicken wire
4. frames - not sure why
5. paint

                                                                              Source: marthastewart.com via S on Pinterest

A weird list.  I am still not sure the product and vision will match but if it is free - hey!

What is really weird in the situation is the things people are offering for free on Craigslist.  Strange to say the least.

Right here you can find used baby formula cans.

Or if you must, who knows why, you can get some broken concrete

Not to mention the 7 running ads for free horse manure.

                                                                              Source: flickr.com via Alexandra on Pinterest

I am still searching for my treasures, but in the meantime I will continue to chuckle at the weirder than me crowd.


State Farm

One day, she will be driving away.  I will be crying.  Her dad will be checking our policy.  We will stay up all night - nervous;  Waiting until she is safely back inside our house.  But until then...

.....I will let her ride her big red car into the walls inside the house as long as she likes.

what I have learned

The leader, the architect, and the artist all started school this week.  They raced their way in.  The leader won the race, the artist took time to smell the flowers and the architect became upset since no one took the correct route.

The artist keeps her desk in an array of color.  Red folders on the bottom finishing with blue books on the top.  The row is not straight but more like a curve.  For some reason her chair has a hard time fitting under the desk.  The architect, well you guessed it!  Everything straight - uber straight.  All spines line up.  Colors in order, grouped together.  The leader, well he doesn't have a desk.  But he walks every hall of the school making sure to say hello to everyone he knows, and doesn't know.  He uses his dimples like silent weapons of smoothness.

The leader is the first one off the bus.  He will announce it like he has won a primary of sorts.  He watches the crowd and remembers every detail of everyone's actions and words.The artist comes home bounding off the bus.  Often missing a step and landing on the ground.  Her planner is written in - Lord knows what it says.  She is happy.  The architect takes his time, plots his path down the stairs, and doesn't pay attention to the chaos around him.  He stands at attention.  

Three different kids, one fantastic school, and a world of opportunities.  One will build it, the other will decorate it, and the other will draw people in - quite a team if you ask me. 

At home, there is now a one woman show -- a big show. We will call her the drama queen :)


Consignment Sales & Monograms

It is consignment sale season.  UGH.  While I love basically trading clothes in for what I bought them for, the tagging, sorting, volunteering, and pinning is for the birds.  I always wait till the last minute too.  Not that I intentionally wait I just can not seem to get it together.  Maybe it is the four kids.  Blame it on the housework.  Perhaps it is the 20+ hours a week sewing.  Writing this blog takes time too.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  Somehow I always manage to get it done.  

One call I always get during consignment sale season is - "Can you take the monogram out of this?".  The answer varies.  Corduroy fabric - no!  Cotton, as long as it doesn't have texture - yes!  Nylon - no!  Fleece, Terry cloth, minky dot - no way!  Jersey - don't think so!

But wait!  All is not lost.  Grab your great deals, wrong monogram and all, and think outside the box.  Applique is your answer!  There are tons of great applique designs that can cover the past monogram and still give you tons of boutique cuteness at a fraction of the price.  Even think about getting an applique patch added to your item with a monogram on that fabric.  

So buy your goodies, and bring them by.  I will work my magic and you will leave happy!  It will still save your budget!  


A new Staple

I am not really one to venture on the unknown road of styling.  I have a few staples that seem to last longer than they should.  I am boring.  Maybe just predictable?  I don't know.  I don't care.  I love my silver teardrop earrings with a little dab of diamond in the middle.  I heart my heart necklace my hubby gave me from Tiffany's years ago.  I adore a good fitting pair of anything - jeans, shorts, shoes.  There is this obnoxious belt buckle with some kind of crane on it that often finds its' way to my waist.  But recently I added a new staple to the mix.  Watch out world, change is about to come.

Yes, here *he* is.  My new favorite - the boyfriend sweater from Target.  LOVE IT!  I used to not be a big fan of horizontal stripes but I do this sweater is flattering.  Not to mention that it is comfy!  I love that it is not too bulky.  The buttons are adorable.  The length is perfect!

But what would this post be without a shout out to the coupon world?  Yes, my boyfriend sweater was on sale last week - 15.00 to be precise.  There was also a 3.00 off coupon on Target.com - thus the 12.00 staple was born - I am happy!

                                                                                    Source: ae.com via Katie on Pinterest

I have found my new fall favorite - I am sure you will see me in it everyday.  Now, if it would only get chilly out :)


The President Starts Kindergarten

The president went to kindergarten today. 

Yes, right around 2056 you will be able make him your leader.

He is wise.
He is articulate.
He is cute?  Look at the dimples.
He is fun.
He is smart.
He is quick witted.
He is financially sound. (there is a jar with his name on it with money still in it!)
He is loving.
He is aware.
He is physically fit.

He is your president and today he started kindergarten.  


I'm in Love - Sarah Jane Fabric

Have you seen this new fabric line?  It is by Sarah Jane Studio's carried by Michael Miller.  Sarah is a talented artist whose prints I adore.

The fabric is yummy.  I want to order each colorway - print.  So wonderful in fact, I just had to share.  You see Sarah is a mommy of three, a self made artist.  Her story is magical - one I hope to share one day.  But for now, I will enjoy all that Sarah has to offer.

Which one is your favorite?  I just might start carrying items made from it in the shop!


Staycation Day Three - Beach Vacation

I have spent the summer enjoying everyone else's pictures of the beach.  I love seeing happy little faces enjoying the sand, parents relaxing, and beautiful waves.  I wanted to go to the beach too!  Alas, it wasn't in the plans this summer - or was it?

I live outside of Atlanta - no where near the ocean.  But we do have a lake with sandy shores.  So, staycation day three was going to be a beach vacation.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  My kids playing close by in the water with friends.  A light chirp of birds in the background.  Soft breezes occassionally wisking along the worries of the last three months.   The soft line of trees dancing in across the water.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Low humitity.   It was a perfect day and I didn't have to drive 4 screaming kids 6+ hours to enjoy it.  It was wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that I didn't even mind that I left the memory card for the camera at home.  


New Etsy Shop

(((Opening door)))))
Well, hello there!  How are you?  Come on in and have a sip of tea.
While you are here, take a look around - you might find something you can not do without.
If you must leave, take a little bit of sunshine with you.
But remember, to visit often - you will be missed.  

The new Sew Four shop is open and will be connected to the blog.  You can still find great boutique items at Nina Bina too!  As always, stop by for tea and monogramming too!  

In his love - a Proverbs woman