what I have learned

The leader, the architect, and the artist all started school this week.  They raced their way in.  The leader won the race, the artist took time to smell the flowers and the architect became upset since no one took the correct route.

The artist keeps her desk in an array of color.  Red folders on the bottom finishing with blue books on the top.  The row is not straight but more like a curve.  For some reason her chair has a hard time fitting under the desk.  The architect, well you guessed it!  Everything straight - uber straight.  All spines line up.  Colors in order, grouped together.  The leader, well he doesn't have a desk.  But he walks every hall of the school making sure to say hello to everyone he knows, and doesn't know.  He uses his dimples like silent weapons of smoothness.

The leader is the first one off the bus.  He will announce it like he has won a primary of sorts.  He watches the crowd and remembers every detail of everyone's actions and words.The artist comes home bounding off the bus.  Often missing a step and landing on the ground.  Her planner is written in - Lord knows what it says.  She is happy.  The architect takes his time, plots his path down the stairs, and doesn't pay attention to the chaos around him.  He stands at attention.  

Three different kids, one fantastic school, and a world of opportunities.  One will build it, the other will decorate it, and the other will draw people in - quite a team if you ask me. 

At home, there is now a one woman show -- a big show. We will call her the drama queen :)

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