Consignment Sales & Monograms

It is consignment sale season.  UGH.  While I love basically trading clothes in for what I bought them for, the tagging, sorting, volunteering, and pinning is for the birds.  I always wait till the last minute too.  Not that I intentionally wait I just can not seem to get it together.  Maybe it is the four kids.  Blame it on the housework.  Perhaps it is the 20+ hours a week sewing.  Writing this blog takes time too.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  Somehow I always manage to get it done.  

One call I always get during consignment sale season is - "Can you take the monogram out of this?".  The answer varies.  Corduroy fabric - no!  Cotton, as long as it doesn't have texture - yes!  Nylon - no!  Fleece, Terry cloth, minky dot - no way!  Jersey - don't think so!

But wait!  All is not lost.  Grab your great deals, wrong monogram and all, and think outside the box.  Applique is your answer!  There are tons of great applique designs that can cover the past monogram and still give you tons of boutique cuteness at a fraction of the price.  Even think about getting an applique patch added to your item with a monogram on that fabric.  

So buy your goodies, and bring them by.  I will work my magic and you will leave happy!  It will still save your budget!  

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