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Love, love, love my daughter's Goodbyns!  
These little green beauties make packing a nuterious lunch easy peasy! 
They are easy to close and fit perfect in her 31 gifts lunch bag.

I ordered the set a while back when a creative blog I follow was having a 40% coupon code.  For 9.60 plus shipping, I ordered the Mix and Match set.  It came with one sandwich case, one small meal container, one snacks, and two dippers.  The set comes in  green or pink, I choose the green.  All Goodbyn products are BPA free which leaves this mama of four happy.

Every morning, I find it a breeze to pack Princess P's lunch.  I pack all natural ranch in one of the dippers with carrots sticks in the other part of the container.  Then I usually put some all natural pretzels, cereal or some other crunch on the other side (the girl likes crunch).  I find that the snack container is the perfect size for a few ounces of yogurt and some fruit.  I rarely use the sandwich container but am sure as she grows that I will.  

I find that I save a lot of money by using the Goodbyn system.  For just one child, I buy less plastic bags.  The portion controls of the system allow less food waste and it has cut down on purchases.  I am also more aware of what I am putting into my children's lunch.  I do not just grab items in the pantry to shove in a lunch box.  Not to mention that buying bigger items at the store saves money too. 

As the weather gets warmer, I look forward to taking the snack container to the park with us to enjoy some healthy breaks. I also hope to add the water bottle to Princess P's collection.

The big three are also getting Goodbyn's soon.  They are the perfect thing for this busy family.  The Goodbyn system helps us save time and money while keeping this mama aware of what she is packing for their lunches.  It is a great product and I highly recommend it! 

**Goodbyns did not compensate me for this post, but if they would too :)***



Do you have an umbrella?

Everyone needs a green umbrella.

It provides a new doorway to see what was always there. 

Colors suddenly seem a little brighter despite the looming gray.

Neon signs seems are bit more of the usual landscape.

A green umbrella can reach the top of the world.

You walk a little slower under it’s protection.

The green umbrella provides............

a brand new..........



Hello Monday

Hello to a new week.
Goodbye to a get weekend get away.
There will be more.

That's me!

That's Pretty!

That was a fun table - great night!

That's perfect.

That is Historic.

That's as bright as I'll get.

That's love.

That's the perfect end to the perfect weekend.

Hello Monday, please be kind my friend.
Hello Monday, I come to you fully recharged - can I keep that for awhile.
Hello Monday, please keep my kids healthy the entire week.
Hello Monday,  help me face the fears of acting on my ideas.
Hello Monday, let’s take the world on together so we can celebrate Friday as it deserves!


On reading non fiction......

A very good friend of mine will begin to snicker even at the title of this post.  It is true, I have a problem.  I just can not read fiction.  

Seriously, give me a book for dummies - I am all over it with a highlighter.  A biography - I am in heaven.  Cast away a design book - it is in my hands pronto.  Even when all there is is a story to read - it better be the truth and your own experience.  

Ironically with all that real life buzzing around I have a severe distaste for most reality TV.  I will watch the beginning episodes of American Idol only to watch people's dreams crushed (I'm a bit of a terrible person at times).  Biggest loser - I only watch the finale.  And as for the Bachelor - yuck, icky, disgust - it is all yours my friends. 

I do reserve time for a good cooking show.  You will see in a minute why.  I also love anything to do with creating things.  I'm not into the shows that venture to Ikea to recreate a catalog picture but rather of half hour of really thinking, collaborating and finishing a project.

For 2013, I have finished two non fiction books and am working on my third.  Yes my dears, you read that right.  Mom of four with a small business, an house to care for, a school to volunteer at, a church to serve in, friends to care for, and a husband to love on has read 2.5 books in 8 weeks!  And if you read the tag line to yesterday's post you will know how I accomplish all this ;)

Thought I would share what has been on my list so far this year.  Be warned it is a mix bag of tricks.  I like to live a life of unpredictability.  Don't assume that a minivan driving mother of four is boring.  (well, at least in my eyes I am not).  

First on the list this year. The bad boy of the Travel Channel.  Seriously, it is so wrong to love this guy for so many reasons but I find him extremely smart, charismatic, and entertaining.  He is not the dreamy kind of guy in any way (Michael is) but he amazing never the less. This was a great read of real life.  A great read of hard work.  A great read in general.  Just not for my faint of heart friends.  I must say it is amazing that he is still alive.  

or borrow it from me

Second for the year was a bit more of an education, just not an education of the streets.  I have been reading a ton of other blog posts about this book and thought I would check it out.  Well worth reading while sitting in the bed with the flu.  

It is honestly not rocket science but those who know my hippy food self best are probably snickering right now.  

Basically, in today's food world and health world - vegan (organic vegan) is best.  Can't say I don't agree.  Yet, I am not sure what I am going to do with this information for now.

or borrow it from me
And currently on the list of non fiction love is a book that has been out for a few years but oh how the timing is so right to read it now.  (I will share that a bit tomorrow).  So far, half way through, I love every minute of it.  So funny.  While reading it, think outside the box (you know who I am talking to).  It is inspiring. 

There are a few more immediate non fiction beauties already waiting for a good read.  They include - Confessions of a Wall Flower (again I know I am behind the times), HTML/CSS for dummies (truly inspirational for all), and Photoshop Elements for Dummies (again- I know you are laughing).  

Then, I am at a loss.  I need some help!  What are you reading write now?  Remember, I am not into vampires, shades of anything, or zombies.  Beyond that, suggest away my friends.  


Overachiever - the life of a mom

For the past month, I have been sick.  Sinus infection, bronchitis, flu, the pneumonia.  Yup- wonderful!  

Because of all the germ visitors I have had, it has been hard to make it to visit my beloved friend the "dreadmill".  To sum it up when you can't breathe - you can't run.

But then last week I had a bit of a spurt.  I have made it four times.  One day I can ever kicked butt.  But then, then came yesterday.  

It had (for no reason in particular) been a bit of a long day with the gaggle of children I have.  Just bits of bickering and nothing accomplished.  I was so frustrated.  Instead of drowning my sorrows in Girl Scout Tagalongs - I loaded them up for a late afternoon run.  I put on my bright green Savannah Half Marathon shirt, some leggings and off we went!

It was a great first 20 minutes.  Dave Matthews was singing right to me, the world was mine to own.  Then he showed up.  

All muscles, the agility of a large gazelle - he was a machine.  And even though there was 50 open treadmills, he has to come right.next.to.me!  Seriously, did he really need that ego boost for the day?

Anyway, I did great keeping up with him.  Although I am sure that my leggings riding up, my shorts bunching up and the sweat poring down my tired face did not give the appearance that the hulk and I were in the same zone.  

Feeling well accomplished (even if in my own mind), I departed the treadmill and headed downstairs to "stretch" (which is really code for checking facebook on my phone while sitting on a mat).  

I was downstairs when I ran into a fellow mom from school.  You know the kind of mom who always says what is on her mind no matter what?  I have been told that I, "look like hell, did you just crawl out of bed, I can't believe you made it here."  All by the same mom.  Meeting her after my successful treadmill encounter was torture. 

Pleasant hellos were first.  Then, just like I thought, came the bombshell.  She looked at my shirt (the one I earned for completing my first half marathon under my projected time).  Then from her mouth came the line, "did you actually finish that race?  I wouldn't peg you to be able to do that."

I was in shock. No, I really wasn't.  I did a half pivot turn to flip my ponytail her way and with a sly, yet cutesy, voice I replied, "yup, I finished - I know, I think I am a bad ass too." 

Instead of walking casually away, I skipped the entire way out of the gym.  

Source: google.nl via Dawn on Pinterest


Felt Flower Mums Tutorial

I love cute flower pins!  These little (or big) mums fit the bill.  They can be placed on a pin back for a friend, a hair clip, or even my wreath that I recently made.  Super Easy and fast.  The perfect craft.

glue gun
sheet of felt
Yup, that is it.  

Take your sheet of felt (.25) and cut a strip the longest way possible.  The height of your strip depends on how big you want your flower.  The lower the height, the smaller the flower.  Remember that this strip will be folded in half.

Fold strip in half and put a light line of hot glue along the bottom of the strip and fold the strip in half.

So now you have a long strip, starting from the top cut a length down.  Being careful not to cut thru the entire strip.  Continue to cut this in a fringe type pattern.  The width of each of these cuts determines the width of flower petals.  

After it is all cut, put a small bead of glue at one end of your fringed strip.  Begin rolling the strip.  Yes, just roll.


After all is rolled and done, hold your little roll together.  Turn it over and lean it on the table to flatten the bottom.  Then take your hot glue gun and glue the heck out of the bottom.  It is then up to you what you are going to do with your little flower. 

I added some vintage buttons to the center of mine.  I think these would make a great Mother's day present or Pinterest party idea!  Enjoy! 


Spring Wreath

I'm not really a Valentine's day decor kind of girl.  I love red, love pink and love hearts - but it's just not my thing.  Now don't get me wrong - I go could for any classic vintage style Valentine's but those are hard to find.  

Instead, this February, I choose to make a transitional wreath of sorts.  Maybe a winter hope wreath.  It is inspired by the candy flying around the house right now.  This wreath wishes for the bright colors of spring flowers.  And it is simple - something I have spent the winter trying to find.  

My bright little wreath requires just a few supplies.....
1- 10 inch foam wreath.  I used one that was smooth on the sides
1- skein of multi colored yarn.  The inspiration for this project.
4 - sheets of felt.

In all about 10.00 worth of easy to get supplies.

First, you need a starting point.  It is always so hard for me to find the end point on yarn so I just clip and snip.  The end of your yarn needs to be hot glued to your wreath.  Then wrapped your little heart away.  I would say this is boring!  So boring!  But it is a great time to catch up on your favorite episode of Project Runway!  Just keep wrapping.  I stopped every four inches or so, added a dap of hot glue (just for good measure). 

When you are done wrapping your heart away (or your episode on Netflix is over) finish the end with hot glue.

See, how simple was that?  A yarn wrapped wreath.  Who knows, you might change the world with that thing?

I chose to jazz up my wreath with some really simple felt mums.  Seriously, these little stinkers took me ten minutes and I love the results.  (And if you stick around on Wednesday, I will teach you how to make those).

In the meantime, my wreath makes me happy to come home.  A sweet little reminder that spring is almost here.  The birds will be out and the yard work will need to be done.  In the meantime, I think I will plan a felt bunting to add to the door - can't have too much happy around here!  


Hello Monday!

Awwww, so I have taken many a break during the last many months.  Needing time to get my head on straight as I would say.  Then there were flu stricken kids, friends that needed loving, husband that needed me, and getting sick myself.  

But the first of the year brought its' challenges and answers.  Answers to some prayers.  And though they are not the "quick fix" we all hope for, they are answers, plans, and goals that I have been searching for.  

So here we go!  A new sense of love.  A new yearning for daily creative feeding.  A new desire to not be like everyone else - to be like me.  A new time to EMBRACE.  My word of the year EMBRACE. 

So Hello Monday!  Hello February!  Hello to a good life to share! 

Hello to spreading a little love and feeling like we live in London, not Georgia

Oh, Hello little wreath tutorial being posted tomorrow.

Hello to pretty bright spring colors for Princess P's spring dresses.

Hello to "did I actually find time to sew?"  WOW

Hello to 2nd and 3rd place in the Pinewood Derby District Racing.  yeehaw

Hello to pretty chevron dress and the prettiest little one who does not like her picture taken. :(

Another tutorial this week!  Hellooooo!

He sleeps, I click.  Hello.

New hoop art, hope with hellos

Hello to finally a great book for the entire church to read.  I have enjoyed the feedback from everyone and interested to see what it does in my life and theirs.

Hello, sweet home soon to go in a hoop

And as much as I have enjoyed our Chinese Student staying with us - this stuff, I can say good bye too.