Summer Fun for $1.00!

So Cheap!
So Fun!
So in the house already didn't need to drive to the store wonderful!

4 bowls

1 plastic table

1 porch

1 hose on hand

2 hours of fun.

 The mommy joy in the whole event - spraying your kids with a cold hose.  Now that is fun!

I promise no beards were hurt in the writing of this post.


The finish List

Ahhhhh, the Finish List.
Not quite the New Year's Resolution List.  
Resolutions and things you are going to change.  If change is coming a plan needs to be in place.

So in comes the finish list.  Written objectives, meeting goals, producing results.
Now, a finish list does not guarantee the results you originally set out for. 
The results may be better or they may not be exactly what you had planned. 

Either way it is intentional, has a purpose, just make sure that purpose is good.

My Finish List
(my list changes often.  I might share of the steps to the goal or I might not.  Either way, I will continue to let you share successes and failures.  

Will you consider sharing your finish list with me too?

1.Get in the word more often - continual
#shereadstruth and journaling, maybe join a fall bible study

2.Run a Half Marathon - in progress
Sign up for a race -check- going November 3rd 2012.  Training - beginning.  5k,10k, practice runs picked. 

3.Start a business - in beginning stages of progress
Re-read Proverbs 31 (memorize it), get the ideas I have into their own finish list objectives, get up an hour earlier so this business does not intrude on my first love of being a mom.

3. Loose 20 lbs - see #1. - in progress

4. Blog with purpose - in beginning stages
to be implemented by September 1.  Focusing on the themes - Create, Home, Faith, and Love.  Get a posting calendar set. Sign up for a campaign - done  

5. Use Social Media for Good ONLY. - self explanatory and I know that I will occasionally miss this mark.  Work in progress

6. Discover how to create my own graphics- progress
Downloaded free versions of software, purchasing PhotoShop Elements now.

There are a few others too personal too share, they include some very important relationships - maybe even some I am unaware of now.

What is on your finish list?  Will you share one?  I would love to cheer you on as you go! Accountability is key to loving something!

Need to read more about a finish list?  Considering getting Jon Acuff's book - Quitter.    


Perfect me

There are tons of ideas floating around in this wee little space I refer to as brain.  Millions of ideas.  They are stashed on my Iphone, written down in notebooks, and are locked in folders on my desk top.  It is a rats nest of creativity waiting to explode!  

Blog ideas for the any person to DIY till the cows come home.  Stories about life with four little minions that are screaming to be shared.  Life, life waiting to be shared so someone, somewhere who reads might know that they are not alone.  Keys to being a cheerleader-- to fighting a good fight are written down and locked away like a dark secret.   

                                                                    Source: luvinthemommyhood.com via Megan on Pinterest

There are sewing patterns scribbled in insane colored inks waiting to be discovered are tucked tight in a plastic cabinet.  Fabric awaits to be cut, sewn, revealed.  Awesome vintage frames lay astray in a dingy basement waiting for a new life to be remembered in them.  The paint at least keeps each other company waiting for brushes to bring them to life. 

The only thing blocking all these wonderful goodies from unleashing on the world?  The person who creates them.  In this case, that might be me!  Yup - me, myself, and I.  Or more so -- my own succumbing to stage fright.  

I paralyze myself.  If I'm going to do anything in life - it must be perfect.  

Sewing something for the first time, without a pattern, has to be flawless the first go around.  And because I can count that that won't happen the first time - I don't turn on the machine.  

Blogging has to be pretty.  The pictures have to be perfect.  The story has to be happy.  The DIY project has to go exactly as planned.  But because this is never a guarantee I don't sit to write.  

So who do I cheat by not even showing up to the performance?  Well, basically myself.  I am loosing out on an awesome experience to share.  So while it won't be perfect, it will be from my heart.  A heart that is dying to share.  Sharing is a part of me that no matter how hard I try to quiet - it just won't 


Surprise - it's your birthday!

I had the best birthday week EVER! 
Really my birthday was to be on the 16th but my husband started the fun a week early with a surprise tag along trip to south Florida!  It was crazy getting the kid together with 48 hours notice but it was so worth it in the long run.

We spent Tuesday night at my dad's house.  I love staying at his house!  He was so gracious to let me use his car for the next two days.  Wednesday I had the best run along the sea wall of the intercoastal followed by a mini shopping trip to City Place.  A quiet morning of coffee and writing was close to heaven but one stop at my favorite - do not get to visit that often- store Anthropolgie proved to be best.  I snagged the perfect happy morning mug and the best go-to silver mum earrings!  yummmo!

Doesn't this mug just make you happy?  And do you see that gem of a Ikat inspired shirt from the Gap. Everything for under 25- too!  Yipppeee

Then in the afternoon, my view changed - and oh so much for the better!  I met my guy in Fort Lauderdale and the view was fantastic!

 We spent a while taking in the beach.  Then had a date at a very special place.  It was great just to have my hubby all to myself 

Then Thursday came - no alarms to ring.  There was a beautiful breakfast waiting on me downstairs and in just moments - it was back to the beach. 

Do you see that bag?  Holding my idea notebook, a great pen, all sitting next to an iced mocha - did anyone say - HeAvEn?

And while a few hours at the beach is better than no hours at the beach, my bliss was disrupted a few hours later by 40 + children at summer camp.  

Ahhh, the water was perfect that day.  The breeze slightly to the south.  The sand not too hot - perfect all around. Until the screaming......

The day was finished with a late lunch with one of my best friends - my dad.  I met him at the mall he runs.  It is so fun to see which new shop he helped build.  I got to see Stella McCartney's new digs, and was amazed by the detail at the Alexander Mcqueen Store front.  Lunch with dad was fabulous and the coconut sorbet was to die for.  Did I mention the hammered silver earrings from Calypso?  

Yes, the week was great!  I got to hang with two of my favorite guys.  There was an opportunity to breathe.  My idea journal found three new pages of inspiration.  I missed my kids but did I really have to go home?


Dad's HOuse - a tour

I love going to my dad's house.
It is so relaxing.
His neighborhood is full of historic charm.
My dad and step mom are incredibly talented designers and always have something new in the works.
So I thought I would share a little bit of Dad's cottage.

Front of dad's house.  I love the herringbone brick and palms for shade

This is on the side of their house.  Love the tone

The front sitting room right inside the door.  I love coming to dad's house when it is occasionally cold and sitting by the fire place.  

Just way cute

I love the tiles that were put on the fireplace.  Who needs straight lines?

Library area next to the main sitting area. My step mom always has little treasures to look at over here. 

Main Hallway.  Love the use of mirrors to make a bigger space. 

Simple, Sophisticated Dining area.  The table is the best!

My dad designed this kitchen and it is beautiful.  He vaulted the ceilings to give the small room a bigger feel.  It is simple, full to tons of useful spaces, and just lovely.  

Family room in the back of the house.  This room has my favorite brick flooring, and full wrap around windows.  You feel like you are outside. 

Even the 1920's garage off the house is adorable!  See the herringbone stone?  

My dad's best friends.  Buddha on the left and Dharma on the right.  Dharma was a recent rescue who is the absolute sweetest dog.  They are boys on the run.  

This is my favorite piece!  I don't know why.  Maybe the way it works together in a weird kind of way?

View outside the guest room to yet another lovely garden.  There are often orhids growing out here. 

I love the honey comb feeling of this pendant.

Beautiful driftwood centerpiece on the dining table.  Changes with the seasons.  I love the birds on it right now. 

While most items in the house are white.  The same color scheme is broken up with texture and tone. 

Little corners lay everywhere

My favorite pictures of my sister and I feeding ducks when we were little.  My dad is really a great photographer and I have the camera he took these with.  

My favorite mirror ever.  The picture is bad but the color is awesome!

Creative use of a curio cabinet in the bathroom! 

Who doesn't want a group of toparies.


Pictures of my big two when they were about three and one - be still my heart

This is the most beautiful table ever!

One more reason my dad is one of my best friends!  Smart guy!

Mail box, still hand delivered

I am blessed to have many talented people in my life.  I find my dad and step mom and constant source of artistic inspiration.  They are both wicked talented in many different ways.  Hope you enjoyed a visit to my dad's place. 


So here comes 36

Thirty Five was the craziest year of my life.  
I should have sat down and wrote myself a letter at the beginning of last year.  If I did, it would have read like this.
Dear Heather, 
This year, is going to be crazy.  Crazier than the year you had two babies from two different places almost at the same time.  It is going to be the year you loose the total control that you so much think you enjoy.  Your world will be turned upside down for a bit.  For a year it will seem to be awful.  

Please remember.....
always to love.
stand firm in the light.
eat, sleep, nourish.
enjoy the little blessings.
recognize joy stealer's.
find trust in people.
fiercely seek justice.
fight when right.
be quiet at the other times.
always listen.
know it is Ok to be strong.
learn this lesson only once.
take terrible and make it beautiful.
believe in yourself.
ignore lies.
take a compliment.
find adventure.
accept boundaries and establish new ones when you need to.  

Love yourself.

Thirty Five was hard - no lie.  Would I have willingly asked for the opportunity to go thru what I did - no.  Am I thankful that I was given the opportunity to go thru what I did - yes.  Thirty five found parts of me that were hiding-   An artist, a writer, a lover of people, a motivator, and a student. The best is yet to come.   


Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta Review

Yup - that would be a five out of 10 folks.

Things I liked about the place-
1. buying tickets online saves you money
2. it is cute
3. the 4D movie is actually really good.
4.  The miniture Atlanta built from legos was neat for about 10 minutes
5. Spending tons of time with my little guy - PERFECT

Things I did not like-
1. the lack of professionalism amongst the employees
2. the droves of daycare group when you are suppose to have an assigned time to enter
3. It was dirty
4. 5 total events.  One event, anyone over 4 ft. tall could not do.  One event, just for girls. The race car event was a three foot track - lame.
5. Over priced Cafe that we avoided.

Things to know - 
1. probably best for ages 4-7 (or maybe 8)
2. Lots of legos to build with (which you can do at home too)
3. After 4 pm is 12.50 (which still gives you amble time to do everything)
4. Not geared towards bringing a toddler with you at all.
5. It is really easy to loose your children and the security is lack luster at best.
6. check and see if daycare groups will be there or not.

I am not really sure if we could go back again.  Now don't get me wrong, we LOVE legos at our house -- all 1,000,000 pieces of them!  It was a great day out with my 6 year old but could have been better if the staff had been more attentive in general.  I would say if you were going with more than one child do not bring a walking toddler or someone over 9 - - they will be bored to death.  Go after 4 and save 7.00 a ticket.  Do not expect it to be like a Disney run event.