blue Monday

Really, there is no big reason to be blue lately - - it just seems to happen.  Bummer.

 Not saying the entire day is a waste.  There was the beautiful morning God allowed me to enjoy with P.  The decent run.  The fact that all of the Big Three kids had clean clothes to wear to school.  A good salad for lunch.  Not too shabby.

But before I indulge in making another tray of fudgey brownies I decided to search out things that made me smile (and didn't hinder my 10 lb weight loss that I am still trying to achieve).

So here you go, I hope you find something to make you smile -- I know I did!

                               Source: dancinthemoonlight.tumblr.com via Kaela on Pinterest

No comment needed here - everyone loves cupcakes!

                                   Source: createfindadmire.tumblr.com via Rose on Pinterest

Hate it when they pop - love to see them float

                               Source: arefocusedlife.blogspot.com via Stephane on Pinterest

There is something so renewing about feeling the sand between your toes

                                            Source: flickr.com via Christine on Pinterest

Spending summers on the North Fork of Long Island -- along with eating good pizza

                                               Source: burpee.com via Natalie on Pinterest

one of my favorite Flowers - zinnias

So, what makes you smile? What old memories do you like to recall to bring the day back in perspective?

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