Dinner with Samuel

Six people total were sitting at the table behind us at Moe’s.  A very tall man, a teenage girl, a middle school boy, a second grade boy, a kindergarten boy, and a pre-k girl.  Quietly eating their overstuffed burritos.  In the middle of the meal dad looks up from the table and quietly says, “ last year at this time we were at the beach.”
That statement brought together my entire weekend.  
“Last year we were together at the beach.”
That is a weird one for an impact statement, but really it is not.  I know this family.  Last year they were together - all 9 of them.  Mom, dad and the 7 kids all together.  But now they are in a much different place.  
Dad is at home in Arkansas with the three oldest children while they finish school.  Two children live with an aunt in a city near to me in Georgia.  The two youngest, Samuel and Libby, live with their aunt Karen here in Marietta.  Their mom is with Jesus.  She passed last fall of a quick battle with cancer. 
In just three short months their lives changed forever. And it can happen that quick to anyone of us. Only God knows what tomorrow brings.
So enjoy those times at the beach.  Enjoy the days that it is hard to be a mom.  Enjoy those trials that bring you closer together.  Take each day for what it is.  Take each day and make it beautiful.  Because time works quicker than we will all like.
For me this will mean more kisses for my kids, more time cuddling, finding opportunities to smile, loving, serving, and searching for the peace in any circumstance that only Christ gives.   


Destruction moving

We are moving.
Not that far.
3.5 miles to be exact.
Should be easy.
Until this week I was handling it well.  
Not a worry in the world.
But for some reason I have let that coolness unravel.
Everytime some asks about the details, I quietly loose it.
Have no idea why.
3.5 miles should be easy enough.
Same schools, same friends, same church, same grocery store - geez - what is the problem?

I think it is when you slowly begin dismantling life for a bit  - - things that you tried to hide in the closet begin to come out.  Literally.  

As you begin to pick apart your house and box it all up, you begin to pick apart yourself. 
Little by little you see things differently - some good, some bad. You begin to realize that you might not be the type of person to be put in a box.And if they aren't what you planned - - you begin to wonder how deep you can bury some boxes or how many will you carry with you.  


Hello Monday

Hello Monday

Hello Time on the playground in gorgeous spring weather

Hello, trying to bake again.  And once again admitting that I just can’t.

Hello my little patriot.

Hello to a summer of 10ks and a fall of 13.1.

Hello new house.

Hello, Hope.
Hello, Faith.
Hello, Willingness.
You can visit as long as you like friends.


Spring Break

Best left in Pictures...We had a great Spring Break.  And we didn't even have to go to the shore.

Gerber daisies - the color is very inspiring.

Camping is Cool 

I can't believe the woman let me eat Cheetos

First Haircut - we are very big on personal space

Eight Crazy Puppies

Loving the sand

It's the lake, but hey - it's a beach

coloring Easter Eggs

This is serious Business

The reason I hate doing this - ick

Almost nine and still handsome as the day I first saw him!

If it's messy, I am happy

First time!

Again, an issue with personal space strikes another

super excited over the super cheap Easter Baskets - made mom and dad feel better

Don't eat my bunny

Super cool vintage toys

remember any of those?

Golf Cart rides with the radio up

Finally, she wears something I made - Thank you Lord

Lots of people fit into one van

Egg Hunt!

beating eVeryone

Again, personal space

Take the pictures




Today at precisely 11:30, I became a tenant.  Weird.  I am renting what used to be my house from someone else - the new owners of the place.  As I drove up the driveway from finishing the closing it hit me hard that this place is no longer mine.  I thought that was terribly unfair until God reminded me of something. 

This house I write to you from was never really mine to begin with.  God provided the funds to buy it.  He found it for us.  It was Jesus who allowed us to borrow it for his good.  This house was a shelter to raise our family in.  When some were weary, they came here to rest.  It was a place for us to worship.  

And while I find our family apprehensive of the changes ahead of us, I know a few things will remain steady along the way and we will continue to be tenants (stewards) of his plan.

Our family - his
Our next house - his.
Our children - his.
Our marriage - his.
Our belongings - his.
Our gifts - his.
Our time - his. 
Our business - his.
Our bodies - his.
Every single thing - HIS.  

Out of God's building, this building, we were to produce fruit.  I know that there were times that we missed the mark.  But I have seen some great things happen in this place.  That is a privilege.   


awwwwww, NOT!

I strongly dislike emails, facebook status updates, and messages with - Aw. 
Not for me.
Although I know that people mean it with the best regards.
But to me it is kind of like saying, “suck it up and get over it.”
Or maybe someone would use it to describe someone; like a little baby.  Why wouldn’t you just say, “she is so cute!”
What really drives me nuts is the awwwwwww......you know the one with 15,000 w’s on the end?  Why not just spell it right to begin with?  Does it mean more with more w’s or is it more insulting with additional letters?

awe,aw, awful

Think about it, the word “aw” is one root to the word awful.  Do you know what awful means?  Yup, exactly.  Don’t use the word aw - it is not nice. Or maybe I'm just not?


Easter Hunt Drop out

The president had an egg hunt in class.  

And after 30 minutes of precise instruction......

they were off!  28 kids, 764 eggs 4 acres of land.  

Each child worked as hard as they could to find eggs with only their sight word on it.  

W's word was "could" and boy could he find some eggs.  In about 10 minutes he had all of his eggs.

But some friends were all walking around yelling their sight words..

It was then the parents realized that we hid the eggs a little "too good".

And when the teacher wasn't looking, we began throwing eggs in large piles in the middle of the field.  We never let her see us, we didn't want to get sent to the principal's office. 

Make sure to read some other good Easter Memories on the Bunny Trail 


The Eyes Have It.

Some are too quick to speak.  I am one of those people.  
When it comes to putting foot into mouth, I am wicked talented.  There are theaters packing out just to hear me blurt out something insane, and to see what shoes I am wearing.  I feel like before I speak I should check to make sure I have on good shoes.  Skinny ballet flats with no heel at all are preferable.  
This past week the doors of “open your mouth and insert foot” were wide open.  I was going to be surrounding by people who needed to hear the mean things I have to say.
Then the day came and there they were.  They hurt me in a deep way and now was my time to make that right.  I debated all week how I was going to let them have.  Sometimes I envisioned myself blowing up and throwing four letter words around like free candy.  Then I think, I will just run to them crying, “asking how could you do this?”
But before I choose door number one and entered the room of no return, I prayed.  I asked God to make my mind work ten minutes faster than my mouth.  Funny thing is - he did. 
It was amazing.  I didn’t say a word.  My shoes stayed on the ground just sitting there on my duck feet.  But the opportunity to stand on firm ground came in silent waves.
There was someone I dreaded having to shake hands with.  When he approached, I just crossed my arms around shook my head “no”.  That was all we both needed to know.  Big message in a silent way.
Then there was the big fish. Oh I wanted to fry that fish so bad. I honestly dreamed about how I would lay him out on the floor.  Funny thing is, I would feel sick after those dreams.  
In the end, it doesn’t necessarily take one part to convey a message. That is why we have more than just a mouth.  And while I didn’t say a word to the big fish - - I let him know that he didn’t win, that he was no longer the big fish.  My eyes let him know.  The sweat on his forehead let me know.  God was bigger than my words because he is the only one who can work on someone’s soul.