Sisters and Brothers Book Review

Just a quick little post about the cutest book that I purchased for the princess at the book fair yesterday!  What Sisters do Best/ What Brothers do Best by Laura Numeroff is absolutely adorable!  One half of the book is dedicated to sisters while the other half is dedicated to brothers.  It is simple to read.  The pictures are perfect with little animals dotting the pages.  It is so sweet and sure to be a stable in our house!  The perfect read for toddlers.



Honestly, lately, I have been feeling a bit abandoned.  This year has been a struggle.  I do not even see the train approaching at the end of the tunnel.  Most days the tunnel continues to be long, dark, and lonely.  But if for a moment I stop, I realize that Abba does provide.  And in his indirect, I am GoD ways, he shows up to remind me that I am his daughter.  So while the tunnel may be long, there are lessons to learn in the dark.  

For instance, The artist has struggled in school since she started.  Not huge struggles, just not huge success.  I was always afraid that she would be a kid that hated school, a kid that hated to learn.  I prayed that she would love learning and it wasn't until 4th grade that I was able to see evidence of the dedication of prayer.  This past Monday the artist received her report card (2 A's and 4 B's), along with a note from the teacher telling me how excited she is everyday!  

Right now, I am burning the midnight oil sewing to get ready for my first ever craft show.  It is a lot of work.  A lot of time spent away from my family.  I have been wondering if it is really worth it?  I was beginning to loath sewing, something I had always loved.  But then he showed up.  Just when I saw impossibility in getting ready for the event Abba provided a display piece that I so desperately needed.  The best part - I was able to trade for the piece so another person received a gift -- I didn't need to keep this one to myself.  

During the summer, Michael had to step away from a job that he hated but our budget loved.  While it is still scary as we readjust line items, God has put him somewhere that he loves.  He enjoys going to work everyday.  He is respected.  The other items are falling into place but the most important thing is that my husband is tasting success in a different way - a meaningful way.  

And I as we get closer to celebrating the princess's 2nd birthday I am remind what a pleasant surprise she was.  A real big surprise!  And one I wouldn't trade for the world.  Since the princess has been born, life has been rapid.  She has reminded our entire family to slow down and enjoy life -- to pop bubbles, to dance in the rain, to laugh at a puppet, to hug before bed, to just live for the simple pleasures.  

So I thank you God for the trials.  I thank you for the lessons.  I thank you for reminding me to stop, to be intentional and enjoy life for what it is.........and it is great!


in 10 years I have learned

I love my kids. All my time on this planet and it wasn't until I had kids that I truely began to learn.  They are sweet little lessons that I would have never thought to sign up for.  

Together we learn...about.....

caring for others
living for the moment


And while somedays we may be tired and want a break so bad, I wouldn't trade it in for ANYTHING!


The Campaign

Recently the artist confirmed that I might be doing something right in the parenting department .  She also confirmed my belief and passion for politics.  It is true, people think politics are sticky; but I am a geek of political thought and think the ideas of differing opinions, spirited debates, and truely serving people are wonderful.  

But recently, it has come to my attention that people perceive my passion as a one sided streets.  In ways, they are right - I believe what I believe and I am sticking to it.  In ways, that group is also way wrong.  I enjoy hearing what the other side has to say, I want to hear why they believe it so, I look at this opportunity as a healthy check up of my political ideology.  

                                                                                            Source: democracynow.org via Liz on Pinterest

That is where the artist comes in.  The artist was nominated for student council (can you see my smile?).  She has to find a slogan, set a platform, create marketing materials, and full heartily believe in what she is signing up to do for her follow students.  Together, we have picked up bookmarks to print as handouts.  Together we choose the colors yellow, red and blue.   But when it came time for a slogan, the artist wanted to do it on her own.  I was dismayed - why isn't the artist using her greatest free resource?  While I may not be a political strategist by profession, I think I could help the artist run one intense, successful campaign.  

Unknown to me, the artist did indeed listen to her mother the political wiz.  On Monday, she came home with the slogan, with the entire poster designed, and asking if we could print a copy of her picture and her opposition's picture.  What the heck?  You want to put the other girl on the poster too?  No, no, no this is not the way that politics works - look out for yourself my child. And while those words slipped easily from my tongue, the artist reminded me that in 10 short years as her mother, I have always emphasized to her that everyone has something important to add. She told me that whether she or her opponent win, they are both still important, they both still have an opportunity to serve, just one of them will have a fancy name tag.  

So there you go.  While I say it over and and over again and my friends on the other side of the aisle still question the intent; I present to you The Artist, she is running for fourth grade representative and knows that you are important.  


Which one will you pick?

will it be this one......

Or maybe this one.......

Source: google.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Will something wonderful wait behind it.....

Or perhaps, just the thought of touching the handle scares you like this.....

so what will you do when a door shows up.....

Then why are you still standing there?


you know you love politics

Those who know me know that election results are like Christmas in our house.  Watching the news is a daily event.  Reading Drudge is an hourly event.  

I love politics. I love to see it work.  And while most of you know that I prefer some agendas over others, I appreciate that everyone has an opinion and that we live in a free country where we are able to express that opinion.  Passion (although at times can be misdirected) is contagious and instills a sense of belonging.  That is why I love politics.

Under the Mask
Source: etsy.com via Andrea on Pinterest

But there are politics that I HATE.  Yup, you read that right.  And while most of my compadres around here claim to be non subscribers of political thought, they are most guilty of playing the political game. 

It is true, you do not have to turn on CNN or Fox news to get the latest update on agendas -- all you have to do is choose to listen.  At the bus stop, in the store, oh and alot at church, people are playing the political game -- all the while claiming to hate it.  It might have nothing to do with the national debt, social security, or the bill of rights.  What it is centered around is material, hateful, and superficial.  Recently, I have chosen to quietly (well until now) discontinue my subscription to the politics I see everyday.  So you may think there was a bit of disappearing act on my behalf, really there wasn't - it is intentional and freeing.   Try it, you really might begin to actually enjoy politics, the real stuff.  


3 am and oatmeal

For ten days straight, I have been up at 3 am.  Not ideal for a mama of four.  There really isn't anything going on at 3 am.  Nothing to do while I wait for the Advil to kick in.  There is the gross rerun of Law and Order Criminal Intent.  Facebook is up at 3 am and surprisingly some of my friends are too.  After a few days of self help commercials, dead bodies on TV and the mind less trap of social media -- 3 am becomes a bit depressing.  

                                                          Source: s3.amazonaws.com via Ashley on Pinterest

It is quiet at 3 am, it is dark at 3 am, it is lonely at 3 am -- or is it?  

I have realized 3 am is not too bad.  God is with me at 3 am.  It is just him and me.  No distractions.  No busyness.  Nothing but the two of us.  There is a lot to talk about with God at 3 am.  There are a lot more answers I am able to hear at 3 am.  

                                                  Source: douglasall.tumblr.com via Lin on Pinterest

So while sleep may be a precious gift, 10 days of 3 am have been even more precious.  

Now, oatmeal - that is for the birds at this point! 


Eating soft foods

God, I am so sick of eating things that swallow me first.  You know things like Jello (yuck), Oatmeal (double yuck), and seriously now I can say ice cream.  I am sick of ice cream?  What is the world coming to? But five days of eating things you really don't like just because it is the only thing you CAN eat makes a girl think.

Over the last five days of hearing my stomach growl, feeling weak, and wanting only what I couldn't have -- reminded me of an article I read about Haiti in National Geographic a few years ago.  You see people in Haiti are hungry.  They are weak.  And most of the time the only thing they have to eat is clay.  It reminded me to be grateful that I had jello, oatmeal, and ice cream to eat.  That God provides what I need to help my body heal and I am grateful.  It might not always be what I think I need but only the Lord knows and is the forever provider.  

I have attached the article so you can see a little bit of Haiti.  A beautiful country who years ago decided to face away from God. 


A picture of the border of the Domincian Republic and Haiti.  Haiti is to the left.  Can you see the deforestation of Haiti and how it has effected the country?

I pray for the people of Haiti and that they would see the great provider that the Lord is.

A quick car lesson in economics

Ok, I will admit it -- I am a economics dork.  I love economics.  I love the living, breathing machine that money is.  I love to see how people use it.  I love to see charts.  I love to predict. 
 I am a dork.  

                                                                                     Source: econosseur.com via Ike on Pinterest

But today I had a lesson in economics that I never learned in six semesters at college. 

We were leaving Walmart (I hate that place).  I was loading the artist, the architect, the leader and the princess in the car in a fog of needing my Advil now post wisdom teeth pain, when the artist announced, "What do you think about bras mom?".  Seriously?  Right now?  My head is throbbing, the baby is signing deep and wide, the architect is re sighting random facts about insects, the leader is trying to take his clothes off and you want to know about bras?  

                                                                                Source: flickr.com via Shelley on Pinterest

After I picked myself up off the ground, 
I asked the artist, "well, do you need a bra?" 
"Oh no mom" she replied. 
"I know the difference between a need and a want.  
I think I want a bra." she went on to say. 
"But, I really don't think I need one." as she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. While I sat there in a cold sweat, she then said, "yea, we can talk about that when I am 20 or something." 

I sat in the car and wondered what else to say when suddenly the princess began to sing again, the leader finally got his shirt off, the architect once again told how many piranhas it takes to eat a human, and the artist started to wiggle.  And just like that, my world was right and we all understood economics.  


None the Wiser

         Since Friday, my life has looked kind of like this.....

                                                                              Source: cuteoverload.com via Lynn on Pinterest

This was Saturday (except I was only going nuts - not eating them)

                                                                                Source: attackofthecute.com via Heather on Pinterest

Sunday was even better (after taking the pain meds I could swear I was swimming while sitting still)

                                                                             Source: cutestfood.com via Twyla on Pinterest

with blurs of this....

                                                              Source: circle-b-kitchen.squarespace.com via Emily on Pinterest

and occasionally this....

                                                                                   Source: thekitchn.com via Bari on Pinterest

Followed by a visit kneeling in front of this
                                                                            Source: us.kohler.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Would I say getting my wisdom teeth out was a good decision? Probably not. 
Would I say another lesson in humility wouldn't hurt? Probably so.
 So, maybe I may be none the wiser, getting my wisdom teeth out gave me some additional wisdom after all? 
 I will let you know when the meds wear off.