Can they all go to school?

There are some days.
When I see fellow mothers send all their sweet ones off to school. 

For a moment, I think, "wow, that would be nice."

My day would be quiet, accomplished, resolved, and then I remember - lonely.

If they were ALL in school.
There wouldn't be days like this.


with a toddler

at home



a life

well lived indeed. 


Grace for hurting

He was bigger.
He had a popular following.
He used bad words.
He made unrelenting jokes.
He drew pictures making fun of her.
He wouldn't stop.

She was kind.
She cried.
She hurt.
She took it while others walked away.

I was upset.
I needed her to fight her own battles, but wanted so bad to stick up for her.
I didn't know what else to do.

Then he did it, right in front of me - outside of school.  He made a joke of her until she cried -- a hard cry.  I was standing right there!  How could he do that with me 2 feet away?  Here was the opportunity to stand up for her.  To let that bully know that he was hurting my daughter.  Vindication was mine and he backed off. 

But that spring, my daughter wasn't the one really hurting - that young boy was.  He was spending everyday watching his dad slowly die.  

Was I right to stick up for my daughter that day?  yes.
Was I wrong for not asking why he was acting out in such a way? yes.

He was a child, hurting and he needed grace, love and understanding more than anyone needed vindication.    



There have been many strange things that I have witnessed.  Some beautiful, some not so beautiful.  

The most disturbing ((to me)) is the way woman tend to treat each other.  I really just don't get it.  It used to scare me but now it just frightens me.  We are mothers, wives, community activists, daughters, influencers, and cannibals. 

It is difficult to wear so many hats.  So why then, do woman seem to spend their free time tearing each other apart.  Whether it be face to face or behind closed doors.  Is it really difficult to be open, honest, loving and perhaps encouraging?  After all, we are in this together -- for a reason.  

For a while I was wanting to write a post hitting on this very subject.  I had a list of examples boiling in my head.  But, releasing that list ((and adding forgiveness at the end)) was so much more effective. And reading this was a roadmap to the rest..........

Proverbs 12

1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
but whoever hates correction is stupid.
2 Good people obtain favor from the Lord,
but he condemns those who devise wicked schemes.
3 No one can be established through wickedness,
but the righteous cannot be uprooted.
4 A wife of noble character is her husband's crown,
but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.
5 The plans of the righteous are just,
but the advice of the wicked is deceitful.
6 The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood,
but the speech of the upright rescues them.
7 The wicked are overthrown and are no more,
but the house of the righteous stands firm.
8 A person is praised according to their prudence,
and one with a warped mind is despised.
9 Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant
than pretend to be somebody and have no food.
10 The righteous care for the needs of their animals,
but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.
11 Those who work their land will have abundant food,
but those who chase fantasies have no sense.
12 The wicked desire the stronghold of evildoers,
but the root of the righteous endures.
3 Evildoers are trapped by their sinful talk,
and so the innocent escape trouble.
14 From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things,
and the work of their hands brings them reward.
15 The way of fools seems right to them,
but the wise listen to advice.
16 Fools show their annoyance at once,
but the prudent overlook an insult.
17 An honest witness tells the truth,
but a false witness tells lies.
18 The words of the reckless pierce like swords,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
19 Truthful lips endure forever,
but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.
20 Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil,
but those who promote peace have joy.
21 No harm overtakes the righteous,
but the wicked have their fill of trouble.
22 The Lord detests lying lips,
but he delights in people who are trustworthy.
23 The prudent keep their knowledge to themselves,
but a fool's heart blurts out folly.
24 Diligent hands will rule,
but laziness ends in forced labor.
25 Anxiety weighs down the heart,
but a kind word cheers it up.
26 The righteous choose their friends carefully,
but the way of the wicked leads them astray.
27 The lazy do not roastt any game,
but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt.
28 In the way of righteousness there is life;
along that path is immortality.
Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets. So after reading this, what road are you going to take?


8 for lunch

.....so the story continues, and I realize in the ten years I have been parenting my kids have never given outside their comfort zone.  This left me wondering if we truely "give" everything we can if we only give in comfort.

I don't even know how to write about our afternoon.  There are few words to explain the awesomeness that my children and I were allowed to participate in.  It was far beyond my reach of amazing.

We fed 8 men that day.  I wanted so bad to remember each of their names but mommy brain has gotten the best of me.

There was Chris, living on the streets for 10 years because he likes freedom.  His buddy Bill has been with him for 8 of those.  There was Samuel who had the most infectious smile.  And I will never forget Jonas.  A young man who shared with me that he hasn't seen his family in 7 years because he chose a drug addiction over them.  It broke my heart to know that there is a mother missing her son.

It was a simple approach that opened the door; to a hand shake, to a small chat, and a thank you from both parties involved. Even the people we couldn't feed that day wanted to talk.  We had a great afternoon!

The ride home was one full of excitement!  They were thankful to have "new friends" at the park.  And could not wait to go back and serve again.

But as we pulled out of Atlanta with a heart full, I heard a small wimper from the back of the van.  My sweet brown haired 7 year old was crying ever so quietly.  When I asked him what was wrong he replied, "we should have made more sandwiches - we didn't feed enough people."

If I could find each of those men and thank them, the words would never be enough.  They shared a little of themselves that day when they really didn't have to.  Those 8 men opened our hearts and I can not wait to see what flows from it! 
This lady was eating lunch and watching the kids while we were at the park.  When the kids saw the birds, they wanted so bad to feed them but we didn't have anything to do that.  This lady gave the kids her granola bar and told them how proud she was of them!   

Eight untraditionally inspiring men have planted a seed in my family to serve.  
How did they inspire you? 
Where and when will you be called to service?  Will you answer the call? 


Grateful Lunch

I love my dad. He has so many gifts; he is creative, people love him, he gives with no reserve, he loves, he supports, and above all he is always grateful. 

When I was a child, my dad lived in south Florida while I lived most of the time on Long Island.  

During the holidays and summer we would take these insane 24 hour straight thru driving trips between locales.  I swear that I have seen every truck stop, bathroom, and rest area up and down I-95.

One Christmas eve in particular we were somewhere in the south at a larger gas station, not quite a truck stop type place.  My dad, sister and I went into the store and got some late night snacks. We were excited to know that this was the final leg of the journey.  

On the side of the gas station, there was a skinny ghostly looking man.  He had on a black trench coat with multiple layers underneath.  Beside him was a full large black trash bag, a rolling suitcase, and a dog.  

We watched as people walked right by him -- just like he wasn't there.  Honestly, it was easy to walk right past him - we were guilty of that too. 

Guilty that is until we got back to the car.  That is when my dad handed me a 20.  I was instructed to give that 20 to that man we had just by.  I refused.  He was a scary man.  

But my dad reminded me that that man was just as much human and needy as I was.  We were not leaving the rest stop until my dad knew the man at least had the resources to buy dinner. 

There was no lesson to be learned if my dad had simply handed over the 20 himself.  It was our lesson to learn.  To wish a man, all alone, a Merry Christmas and to ask him if we could give him 20 dollars as a Christmas gift.  

In the end it wasn't about the money - it was about respect.  That man needed to be loved and we were given the opportunity to do it.  For that I am forever grateful. 

Fast forward 25 years later.  The story continues..........it is inspiring......I will share more tomorrow.


Hello Summer Memories

Hello Summer Memories.  Hello lots of time on the local playground.

Hello Living a life of love

Hello to tons of Photo Ops

Hello to Slushies the size of a small human

Hello Family ice cream trips

Hello to artificial coloring

Hello to first time roller skating and the cutest littlest skates I have ever seen

Hello to a 2 hour mass marketing seminar and High Fructose Corn Syrup

Hello to a day of fun and giving back