summer swimming

Water is just not my friend.  I love the beach and enjoy watching my children in the pool -- just don't ask me to get in. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love the beach.  It is an unbelievable experience feeling the sand squish between your toes after months away.  I dream across the ocean there is someone looking right back at me.  It is wonderous to know there is a whole other world waiting across water.  As dreamy as the beach is, I just can't get in that beautiful water.  I can only appreciate it from afar.

The pool.  Now the pool and I have no big dreams.  I enjoy watching my kiddos splash in freedom, but  there is no endless expanse in a 10 x 20 tub of chlorine.   I am not enamored by the crash of the ocean, no feeling of the sand between my toes -- just not there.  So I spend my time with a good non fiction and concrete decking.

The biggest problem I have with both is floating things.  My own pet peeve that will haunt me until my death.  If it floats in the water -- no thank you.  I'm talking about a huge group of items; paper, plastic, fish, jelly fish, sticks, mud, and the worst seaweed.  

So for now, I will keep my feet on the sand and concrete.  There is a safe place there - from things that float.  


Nursing and Running

Call me crazy, but when you sit down to think about it Running and Nursing have a bit in common. 

                                                                    Source: media-cache4.pinterest.com via Bridgett on Pinterest

- you have to wear a special bra to do either.  With nursing you get the kind of undergarment that "pops" open -- kind of like the drive-thru at McDonald's.  Running undergarments require a little more. While running, you actually have to find something  that keeps your friends from "popping" out.  Ironic, yes.

- Multiple children, and after years of doing either - the friends tend to meet the ground (if you know what I mean).  No matter what you purchase for our first bullet point, you can't stop it -- Gravity has its' way of revenge. 

- It takes time to run, it takes time to nurse.  And while running or nursing, you really don't enjoy either but when you are finished -- you are thankful that you did it.  

- With either if you go the distance, it is possible that you will be able to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's every night with out gaining a pound.  In fact, each will allows you to loose weight. 

- Both Running and Nursing require scheduling.  Scheduling requires often having to wake up early.  An act only completed by the grace of God with both events. 

                                                                                Source: 29.media.tumblr.com via Hugh on Pinterest

So my friends who are running and nursing at the same time I consider you super heroes-- super heroes who can eat two pints of ice cream a night.  I am jealous.  I really like ice cream but am so done having babies :)


She was a surprise.

A happy surprise.

I love her so much.

She always knows the right time to cuddle.

When I am sad, she gives me kisses.

My little sidekick is one the best friends a gal can ask for.


thankful business

I'm incredibly thankful for my little business.  My wonderful clients help pay for karate, clothes, and sometimes even food.  I get to stay home with my kids and life is good! 

But since the first of the year, business has been more of a burden than a joy.  There is something inside of me festering.  I want so bad to proclaim that I am an artist, maybe even a designer -- it sounds so much more sophisticated that stating, "I sew."

I began to loathe when orders came in.  The worst attitude began to take over.  The creative heart in me began to be replaced with - here we go again.  This is a terrible place to be! Guilt began to set in and my little business became a little burden.  Ugh!  

But then three things happened.  One, I stepped off my pedestal.  For so long I was putting the cart before the horse - or me in front of God.  Two, I began to read the book Quitter.  It really opened my eyes to where God wants me to be and why he has me there.  Three, I looked back over the pictures of the things people have ordered over the past few years and realized something so amazing.  

It is a privilege to do what I do.  A little bit of me gets to be a part of baby showers.  I get to play a role in very important birthdays.  People choose my work to be a part of everlasting photographic memories.  This is a blessing I have overlooked for so long.  What I get to do is a gift, and much more important than a self pictured title.  

So thank you.  Thank you Lord for opening my eyes.  Thank you friends for letting me be a part of your baby's first birthday.  Thank you ladies for letting me welcome your babies into the world.  Thank you grandmother's for letting me send your grand babies to college.  Thank you for letting me be a part of sending your friends off in marriage.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives - I am humbled and grateful.  


For now, hold this time still

One Day ......

my coffee table will not look like this.

I will have time to read real fiction.

There will be little dishes to wash.

Her room won't be a mess anymore.

Laundry will not be my worst enemy.

But it will be over.  
They won't be little anymore.
I won't have to kiss their boo boos.
It will be quiet.
It makes me sad.
Sad, to think of a life without little ones everywhere. 
But for now, I will let it be and enjoy the moment.
Because I know it won't  be long.  


Hello Monday

Linking with Lisa Leonard for a beautiful Monday.

Hello Monday.  
There are lots of new beginnings on Monday.

Hello Having Friends who are afraid of Melons.  Now I have to take pictures of them everywhere I go.

Hello to collecting driftwood with dad by the lake.  New projects coming from this one. 

Hello to being a princess all the time.

Hello to monogramming gifts for grads and teachers

Hello to an awesome day of rain and safe driving.

Hello to a new house and blank slate.

Hello to a week of firsts and some goodbyes.  Change is always different - for the good and for the growth.


Brussel Sprouts Amanda - over roasted

Ok, you people have waited long enough.  
Hold on to your seats.
Here comes my favorite brussel sprout recipe ever.
Not sure where I got it from.
But I am pretty sure it is better than candy.
Named - Brussel Sprouts Amanda in honor of a very patient, loving, loyal friend

1 pkg brussel sprouts
sea salt
olive oil
glass pie plate

Wash the little boogers.

Take off a few of the hard outer leaves.

Cut off the ends.

Cut in half.

Toss with a little drizzle olive oil, salt, pepper.  (for the record I like sea salt for crunch).

Bake at 425 for 20 minutes of until a little crusty and brown.

Eat up my dears.