The President Starts Kindergarten

The president went to kindergarten today. 

Yes, right around 2056 you will be able make him your leader.

He is wise.
He is articulate.
He is cute?  Look at the dimples.
He is fun.
He is smart.
He is quick witted.
He is financially sound. (there is a jar with his name on it with money still in it!)
He is loving.
He is aware.
He is physically fit.

He is your president and today he started kindergarten.  


  1. OH my! I Love your blogs and this just may be my favorite... Gavin will be his secretary because his first words after stepping off the bus were "Mom, we did not do math today, you said I would get to do math." Oh and Gavin also have a jar with money in it after he paid off his debt to his brother. Not a single IOU to be seen.

  2. I love this age - they are so fun!