Well LIved

Life is........

.....meant to be well lived.

That means soaking up the sunshine on the grayest of days.

While throwing your hands in the air.......

......and screaming, just because you can.

That is life well lived.  What God intended for you.


Meet Me-Me

I meet a ME-ME today.  From across the playground, she introduced herself with squinted eyes - starring daggers at my little one and I as we entered the gate.  

As I began to play and chase Princess P - she stood dangerously close, like she was trying to hear our conversation.  It wasn't as if I was trading secrets of the DOJ with my toddler.  

There was a simple chase, calling her name, and a tickle afterwards.  But this lady would not stop following us.  I think her spandex clad, stressed out hair-do self was more concerned about my daughter and I then her grandchildren.  Although I am a natural people magnet (LOL) -- I just couldn't figure it out. 

Then it happened.  She asked, "is that really her name?".  Why yes, plastic surgery needing grandma - it is on her shirt for God's sake. 

And while she did not think I expected it, she asked the second question that everyone who always asks, "why would you name a child that?".  This was a light version of question #2.  Usually question two involves some kind of cuss word in it too. 

These questions make me laugh.  At first I want to cuss at her, Do you think I am embarrassed about my daughter's name? Do you think I care what you think about her name?  No, not really.  I named my daughter after a kind, motherly, active, smart, decisive, Godly, thankful, learning, giving, graceful, strong, patriotic, and passionate woman -- so no problems here.     

So I politely smiled, nodded yes, followed with the explanation I just gave you all.  

What was different this time was that before Me-Me could ask another condescending question,
I asked her, "What is your name?".  
She replied,  "Me-Me - spelled ME- ME."
Her smile reached the corners of her face - she was proud.  
That was until I said, "ironic - pointing to my daughter- her middle name is Grace."

And with that HIS work was done.  I held my head high - proud of my daughter's name- and went on to enjoy my day.  Me-Me on the other hand, stood for a period of time speechless, shook her head, called for her man purse carrying son and left the playground with her two grandchildren in tow.  

(((don't tell anyone but I think I won that one)))))  


Cow day at chic fil a

When you are a mom of 4 you are always looking for free fun things to do.

Even if they start off a little on the creepy side.

So you break out the fabric scraps and old shirts.  Connect them together with a hot iron and WonderUnder.

Then find a place where it is perfectly normal to look like a cow. 

Waiting for free food is part of the fun.

Because you can't put a price on hugs. 

Or creepy looking cows.

Especially the cows that are 7 feet tall.

But after awhile, even 7 foot cows grows on you.

Besides, it's all in the name of nuggets!
Thank you Chic Fil a for a fun filled day for everyone and for supporting our community! 


Farmhouse Dreaming

In 14 years of marriage Michael and I have lived in 5 different places -- all in the same town.  I don't think we really meant on being nomads wandering within a 10 mile radius but it just seem to work out that way.  Honestly, 14 years ago we had dreams of this..........with four kids, the dogs, and a life.

            Source: homes.com via Cecilia on Pinterest

But as the kids get older, life gets more entangled and we begin to think that escaping to the country will really never be more than a dream.

                                                                 Source: loftandcottage.blogspot.com via Amy on Pinterest

Moving into this present house, made that dream appear eons away.

This is really a great house.  The neighbors are awesome.  I am thankful.  But it is not everything I envisioned for dwelling at this point in life.  It is not bad by any means.  It is just not us.  I feel boxed in.  I feel like the dream is outside of that box.  ((sigh)).

                                                                  Source: shrimpsaladcircus.blogspot.com via Karen on Pinterest

But it is what it is - for now and a decision has been made to embrace what NOW is.  Not saying there won't be a little struggle along the way, but I am determine to treat our time here not as a pit fall but rather a chance to grow.

After all, mastering a small garden will help us learn the ins and out of taking care of 20 acres.  Decorating the dining room as a farmhouse banquet hall might allow some nights to feel as if we are dining under the stars.  Taking care of neighbors so close will open the doors to appreciate them more when they might be so far.

So my little corner of subdivision, behind the stone wall, pie will be everything great I know it can be. Great training for what is yet to come.


Feather in his cap

There are some days you just feel like putting on your best feathered cap and carrying a foam tomahawk.

Sometimes things like that just make you remember that fear is just weakness.  Those are the days you can take on the world with no reserve.

Those feathers allow the warrior in you to stand back and plan your attack on mediocrity.

So watch out world, the boy has feathers, foam and he is ready for anything.

Ya, Hear me?

But when the feathers are gone - even super heroes need their rest. 


The Conversation of Four

"Are they all yours?"
"Yes, they are."
"What are the ages?"

Then it comes - the moment of encouragement.......
wait for it.....
it takes many different forms

"Wow, you must be tired."
"Wow, you must be busy."
"You know how that happens, right?"
"Do you know that lady on T.V. - the one with 19 kids,  She is nuts too."

Or the best one yet....
"My mom had (insert #) kids, she was miserable."

Yup, that is my life just.about.every.day.

Should I let the strangers of encouragement know that I do 15 loads of laundry a week, keep my house from being condemned, write a blog, sew for clients, am teaching myself graphic design, training for a half marathon, serve in my church, serve in my community, help at the kids school, I read books, occasionally shower, love my husband, and find ministering to people very important?  What would they say then? 

Raising kids is difficult, raising four kids is impossible.  My life is constant motion.  You can not stop otherwise there is mutiny.  I am tired.  There are days I dream about running away.  Then there are days where I just sit down and cry.  It is not easy.

But I am a better person because I have four kids.  I know what grace truely is.  I find art in the everyday.  My motivation kicks up a notch when I am around them.  They drive me to be a better woman.    

  I love my children.  One of the greatest joys is seeing them grow - a fruit of the labor indeed. And honestly, what if I had six, ten, twelve?  Is it really there place to say?  

I just pray that the pillars of encouragement who enter my life realize that woman (like me) need a pat on the back.  Mothers we are superheroes.  Why can't the public who crowds the ballfields to cheer on guys who hit balls for a living -- cheer on a woman who rarely sleeps and always sacrifices?  What a concept.



Student of the South

I am not a child of the south, more like a student. 

There is so much I love about living below the Mason-Dixon line.

My most favorite has to be sweet tea.  With a little peach or some mint and -perfecto!
I love the rolling hills, lakes, and sweet dotted hillsides of farms.

There are, however, things that I just haven't quite embraced during my studies of the south.
Not to say that I hate these things, it is just in the last 18 years I have not fallen in love - for example, doughnuts.

I love DD.  Love their coffee.  Love their lightly sugared raised doughnut (with the occasional chocolate frosted thrown in the mix).  I am a product of a doughnut north.

That was until last week, last week was my first adventure to a Krispy Kreme. 

As my Yankee friends gasp and my southern friends applaud, I will tell you each to hold tight. 

I loved Krispy Kreme for its' nostalgic appeal. 

Not to mention - who doesn't like eating somewhere that gives away hats!

And I am not one to run from a fountain of icing.  Oh sweet nectar. 

But while Krispy Kreme made my kids giggle with delight, I will 


a DD girl.

But I know that Michael is still a child of the south.  I know because no Yankee could ever swallow four of these monstrosities in 30 minutes! 

Hello Monday!

Hello to a fast first year of marriage to My SIL and BIL - I love you guys!  ((Did I mention a baby coming in about two weeks!  Can not wait to meet my nephew))

Hello to looking like a baby at the wedding last year- WOW she has grown up fast!

Hello to last year's summer fun list.  Slacker mom hasn't made one yet this year but I can say we are having fun!  How about a last month of the summer list?

Hello!  Loved the nature on the trip to the mountains, love to visit! 

Hello to visiting the woman who taught me so much!  She is amazing and I am thankful for her!  I can count with a few fingers the number of people who love me completely unconditionally and she is the top one!

Hello to having my camper back! 

Hello to beautiful memories from a 3/4 family trip! 


ice - it hot!

                Source: atlasmountain.tumblr.com via Heather on Pinterest

If you live in Atlanta, or anywhere else in the country.

You might feel like this

Source: tumblr.com via Heather on Pinterest

Or dream about this

But no matter how hot you are -please, please do not turn this guy on