Infectious Desire

It will not leave me alone.  A constant drumming in the background reminding me to keep going.  I really have no idea what it will be but I do know what I want it not to be.  I want to leave behind the big boxes of the world, the competition of newest, the need to be the best, and look forward to being content.  But where does one find contentment?  Is there such a place?

                                                                     Source: legacyfarmsandranchesnc.com via Heather on Pinterest

In my content world I look only to fields to watch more than the flowers grow.

                                                                         Source: cormackphotos.blogspot.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

My kids and I spend our days wandering.

                                                                                 Source: google.com via Vulpine on Pinterest

Quiet time is spent in front of a quiet pond.  Oh, to dream.

 Could this actually happen in today's society or is something this housewife will dream about while looking thru a magazine?  The drum beat only keeps getting louder.

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