Talk to me

I talk a lot during the day.  
To tell you the truth - I enjoy talking.
I rarely meet a stranger. 

Whether it be face to face, facebook posts, messages, texts or emails.  There are a ton of words that come from my freckled face.  

But it wasn't until today till I stopped and thought about what I really said.  
What did my words do during the day?  
What did my words destroy?  
How did my words honor God?  
Did my words work towards building anything? 
Did they insight excitement for life?  
Those words, did they love?  
Did they hate?  
Did they judge?  

Did I let my preteen daughter know that she is absolutely the most beautiful gal I know?
Did I remind my friend that I admire her journey to become a healthy woman?
Did I thank the person who gave so selfishly?
Does my husband know that I trust him and know that he is working hard?
Does my friend, who just took a pt job driving a taxi, know that I amazed by her commitment to her family?
Does my friend forging ahead with a life changing ministry know that I pray for that ministry every day?
Did I apologize when I need too?  

There were so many opportunities that I missed today.  So many times I wanted to just keep talking and so little times that I took time to think more than I spoke.  Wonder how many times my lips were moving so fast that I forgot to listen along the way too? 


Storms of life

I saw this posted on Pinterest today and pinned it. 

The continuing mantra in my life "to remember, everyone is fighting a battle."

But it wasn't until tonight that I had a little more understanding of this picture.  
I went on a normal run tonight.  
The first three were great.  
Then, the sky broke open.  
The wind pounded the front of me.  
It hurt to open my eyes.  
It hurt to move.  
It was cold.  
It was wet.  
I had no phone.  
I didn't know where to go.  
It took every part of me to forge ahead.

Doesn't this scenrio describe a storm in life?  There are times where it hurts to think, it hurts to love, it hurts to live.  But something inside of you knows that you need to keep forging ahead and to not look behind you. 

Remember your storms when you are dealing with people.  For who knows where they might be in their storm.  Can they open there eyes and see ahead?  Could they be hurting so bad that it hurts to move ahead?  Are they lost? Could you stop for a moment and give them a dry reprieve? 

At the end of my storm tonight - the sky cleared.  I saw my church at the end of the road.  There was a rainbow leading my way.  God's promise in the storm.   


Student of The South - learning how to spell

Ok, Ok, I get the message!  Multiple emails later - I will concede.  It is y'all.  One word - done. 

Now, I must admit before I ventured into my burlap pumpkin making craziness I did look.  I googled it to be exact.  That is where I found THREE spellings for it.  You can go with y'all, ya'll, or some people forget about the a all together and write y'll.

I am not really sure who does what in Alabama, or how your grandmother's nanny spelled it when she was a youngin' in Mississippi but I live in Georgia, and my public has spoken.  For now on, any burlap creations that come from my house will have the Y'all on it.  Are YOU ALL happy?

For as many emails as I received about my southern misspellings, I received a bunch of requests that I begin selling these little burlap beauties.  The answer is yes!  I will be coming up with different designs.  For right now, a Happy Fall Y'all pumpkin will run 25.  But this special little gem - you can have for 18- (only one spelled wrong available) 

And while I have your attention, might I go on record that I may have sworn in the past that I wouldn't use the word y'all or buggy - I promise you that I will NEVER "carry" someone somewhere or wear makeup to the gym.  That is all I have to say about that......

......oh wait - and pizza is NOT Little Caesar's! 


Five Dollar Frame

I have been looking for the perfect frame for the princess's 1 year old photo.  Mind you she is about to be three so evidentally looking for a frame is hard work.  

My friend, Cassie, captured the perfect moment of Sweet little P and I wanted to make sure that it was remembered correctly.  Add to that, ADD issues, a new baby, job change, and a big move.......I really never looked for the frame

Until the other day, I happened upon this 4.98 beauty in the Target clearance section.  Traditionally, I like my frame to be a piece in their own but the beauty of the picture going in this frame needed its' own space.

In comes my friend - paint, a litttle distressing, and glaze.  Just a hint of color.  It was perfect.  Next it was time to tackle the WHITE mat.  A bit of tacky glue spray and some burlap did the trick. 

So for 4.98 I finally have my master piece.  She is hanging in the breakfast room.  Come over and gaze at her beauty.  


Come and Find Me!

Just look, this is where I might be.

Somewhere between farmhouse and a neighborhood.

In a little niche between art and craft.

Never anywhere between black and white.

Sometimes wearing a SUPER cape and sometimes CRYING because I lost that cape.

Occassionally disorganized but never a mess.
Well, pretty much a mess but a blessed mess indeed.

Maybe close to annoyed but never hating.

Always eating desert.

Drinking decaf but longing for the real thing.

Studying, not in university, but in life.

At a crossroads, remembering everyone is fighting a battle too.

Always learning and never finished doing so.

Never cleaning but always thinking about it. 

Somewhere between day dreaming and living real.

Always believing. 

That's where you will find me, where will I find you?


Painting Furniture

A few weeks (no, I am lying) a few months ago, I found this little beauty on Craigslist.  I believe it was once the bottom of a hutch.  It is a bit taller than a dresser, leaner than a dresser and perfect for our breakfast room a.k.a freakishly small dining room.  It was listed for 50, I snagged it for 40. This little gem is SOLID wood — very heavy.  It came with what the seller thought were the most adorable apple shaped knobs.

First off, I knew the knobs had to go!  See-ya knobs!  I also knew the orange tinged stain was a goner too.  Looked like it was time to get dirty! 

This was my first time painting furniture (well, I painted one piece on a whim 9 years ago, with the wrong type of paint so that doesn't count).  I was incredbility nervous as I walked into Home Depot to get supplies.

  Now, don't get me wrong - - I was practically raised in a Home Depot.  Walking onto a job site or into a construction store is in my blood.  Heck, my dad ingrained The Home Depot so thick in my blood that I even worked there for a few years!  

Anyway, I walked into HD armed with what I needed in mind -- a great color of paint ( a remix of Halycon Green by SW), a paint brush (do not chinch on this one my friends), a foam roller, stain and finishing wax.  There you go!  What I ended up with was a quart of primer plus primer in one from Behr (helloooooooo Behr!).  And Stain and Wax (clear) from Miniwax.  In all supplies were 33.09. 

I am waiting for a later date to write a full tutorial on how I did this but for now I will share that THIS MAMA HAS MAD SKILLS!

  Seriously, I am so happy with the piece!  While I do not think the aging is perfect -- for my first time I am seriously HAPPY!  I love the color, the texture, the Pottery Barn type hard finish on the paint -  I love, love, love the new piece!  It is the perfect addition to the breakfast room!  

The part I love best about this project is the investment.  In all painting, staining, waxing took me 3 hours.  I was even able to include the kids on most of it.  I spent 40 on the piece.  Then spent another 33 on supplies.  If you recognize the fact that there are enough supplies left to probably finish 4 more pieces then I really only spent 6.60 on supplies.  So for a custom piece that I drool over every time I see it -- a grand total of 46.60!  Yup - one happy mama! 

And since you might be concerned about the apple knobs -- as I drove out of the Craiglists ladie's neighborhood she chased me down with these black oil rubbed beauties in her hands!  Thank you Jesus! 


I really don't want to like you

I really like people.
I love being around people.
There is intense euphoria from being with authentic souls.

It is not necessarily that I want everyone to like me, or to even be popular.
But I have this weird desire to know what the check out girl's dreams are, what may be going on in the life of my child's teacher, or why my neighbor is sitting on the front porch with a cup of tea.

I don't think that it is really nosey.
I'm just interested.  
Interested in what makes them think the way they do.  
Interested in what they love.  Interested in why they love.  
Just really interested.
It is just that people are the greatest work of art that I have ever seen.

Well, maybe not everyone ;)
There are some people that I want so bad to love but I just can't seem to get through their mess.
I think about them a lot.
Then I just want to scream about thinking about them.
It is a cycle that I just can't seem to understand.
Then today, on a day that someone just did wrong (again), I see this.......

And I realize that I CAN NOT let the bad overshadow the good.  For even those people who spout hate are as beautiful as the ones that don't.  I won't be a door mat but I'm committed.  I'm determined to search for the beauty amongst the ugly - In.Each.And.Everyone.