A new Staple

I am not really one to venture on the unknown road of styling.  I have a few staples that seem to last longer than they should.  I am boring.  Maybe just predictable?  I don't know.  I don't care.  I love my silver teardrop earrings with a little dab of diamond in the middle.  I heart my heart necklace my hubby gave me from Tiffany's years ago.  I adore a good fitting pair of anything - jeans, shorts, shoes.  There is this obnoxious belt buckle with some kind of crane on it that often finds its' way to my waist.  But recently I added a new staple to the mix.  Watch out world, change is about to come.

Yes, here *he* is.  My new favorite - the boyfriend sweater from Target.  LOVE IT!  I used to not be a big fan of horizontal stripes but I do this sweater is flattering.  Not to mention that it is comfy!  I love that it is not too bulky.  The buttons are adorable.  The length is perfect!

But what would this post be without a shout out to the coupon world?  Yes, my boyfriend sweater was on sale last week - 15.00 to be precise.  There was also a 3.00 off coupon on Target.com - thus the 12.00 staple was born - I am happy!

                                                                                    Source: ae.com via Katie on Pinterest

I have found my new fall favorite - I am sure you will see me in it everyday.  Now, if it would only get chilly out :)

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