3 am and oatmeal

For ten days straight, I have been up at 3 am.  Not ideal for a mama of four.  There really isn't anything going on at 3 am.  Nothing to do while I wait for the Advil to kick in.  There is the gross rerun of Law and Order Criminal Intent.  Facebook is up at 3 am and surprisingly some of my friends are too.  After a few days of self help commercials, dead bodies on TV and the mind less trap of social media -- 3 am becomes a bit depressing.  

                                                          Source: s3.amazonaws.com via Ashley on Pinterest

It is quiet at 3 am, it is dark at 3 am, it is lonely at 3 am -- or is it?  

I have realized 3 am is not too bad.  God is with me at 3 am.  It is just him and me.  No distractions.  No busyness.  Nothing but the two of us.  There is a lot to talk about with God at 3 am.  There are a lot more answers I am able to hear at 3 am.  

                                                  Source: douglasall.tumblr.com via Lin on Pinterest

So while sleep may be a precious gift, 10 days of 3 am have been even more precious.  

Now, oatmeal - that is for the birds at this point! 

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