A quick car lesson in economics

Ok, I will admit it -- I am a economics dork.  I love economics.  I love the living, breathing machine that money is.  I love to see how people use it.  I love to see charts.  I love to predict. 
 I am a dork.  

                                                                                     Source: econosseur.com via Ike on Pinterest

But today I had a lesson in economics that I never learned in six semesters at college. 

We were leaving Walmart (I hate that place).  I was loading the artist, the architect, the leader and the princess in the car in a fog of needing my Advil now post wisdom teeth pain, when the artist announced, "What do you think about bras mom?".  Seriously?  Right now?  My head is throbbing, the baby is signing deep and wide, the architect is re sighting random facts about insects, the leader is trying to take his clothes off and you want to know about bras?  

                                                                                Source: flickr.com via Shelley on Pinterest

After I picked myself up off the ground, 
I asked the artist, "well, do you need a bra?" 
"Oh no mom" she replied. 
"I know the difference between a need and a want.  
I think I want a bra." she went on to say. 
"But, I really don't think I need one." as she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. While I sat there in a cold sweat, she then said, "yea, we can talk about that when I am 20 or something." 

I sat in the car and wondered what else to say when suddenly the princess began to sing again, the leader finally got his shirt off, the architect once again told how many piranhas it takes to eat a human, and the artist started to wiggle.  And just like that, my world was right and we all understood economics.  

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