The Campaign

Recently the artist confirmed that I might be doing something right in the parenting department .  She also confirmed my belief and passion for politics.  It is true, people think politics are sticky; but I am a geek of political thought and think the ideas of differing opinions, spirited debates, and truely serving people are wonderful.  

But recently, it has come to my attention that people perceive my passion as a one sided streets.  In ways, they are right - I believe what I believe and I am sticking to it.  In ways, that group is also way wrong.  I enjoy hearing what the other side has to say, I want to hear why they believe it so, I look at this opportunity as a healthy check up of my political ideology.  

                                                                                            Source: democracynow.org via Liz on Pinterest

That is where the artist comes in.  The artist was nominated for student council (can you see my smile?).  She has to find a slogan, set a platform, create marketing materials, and full heartily believe in what she is signing up to do for her follow students.  Together, we have picked up bookmarks to print as handouts.  Together we choose the colors yellow, red and blue.   But when it came time for a slogan, the artist wanted to do it on her own.  I was dismayed - why isn't the artist using her greatest free resource?  While I may not be a political strategist by profession, I think I could help the artist run one intense, successful campaign.  

Unknown to me, the artist did indeed listen to her mother the political wiz.  On Monday, she came home with the slogan, with the entire poster designed, and asking if we could print a copy of her picture and her opposition's picture.  What the heck?  You want to put the other girl on the poster too?  No, no, no this is not the way that politics works - look out for yourself my child. And while those words slipped easily from my tongue, the artist reminded me that in 10 short years as her mother, I have always emphasized to her that everyone has something important to add. She told me that whether she or her opponent win, they are both still important, they both still have an opportunity to serve, just one of them will have a fancy name tag.  

So there you go.  While I say it over and and over again and my friends on the other side of the aisle still question the intent; I present to you The Artist, she is running for fourth grade representative and knows that you are important.  

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