you know you love politics

Those who know me know that election results are like Christmas in our house.  Watching the news is a daily event.  Reading Drudge is an hourly event.  

I love politics. I love to see it work.  And while most of you know that I prefer some agendas over others, I appreciate that everyone has an opinion and that we live in a free country where we are able to express that opinion.  Passion (although at times can be misdirected) is contagious and instills a sense of belonging.  That is why I love politics.

Under the Mask
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But there are politics that I HATE.  Yup, you read that right.  And while most of my compadres around here claim to be non subscribers of political thought, they are most guilty of playing the political game. 

It is true, you do not have to turn on CNN or Fox news to get the latest update on agendas -- all you have to do is choose to listen.  At the bus stop, in the store, oh and alot at church, people are playing the political game -- all the while claiming to hate it.  It might have nothing to do with the national debt, social security, or the bill of rights.  What it is centered around is material, hateful, and superficial.  Recently, I have chosen to quietly (well until now) discontinue my subscription to the politics I see everyday.  So you may think there was a bit of disappearing act on my behalf, really there wasn't - it is intentional and freeing.   Try it, you really might begin to actually enjoy politics, the real stuff.  

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