Honestly, lately, I have been feeling a bit abandoned.  This year has been a struggle.  I do not even see the train approaching at the end of the tunnel.  Most days the tunnel continues to be long, dark, and lonely.  But if for a moment I stop, I realize that Abba does provide.  And in his indirect, I am GoD ways, he shows up to remind me that I am his daughter.  So while the tunnel may be long, there are lessons to learn in the dark.  

For instance, The artist has struggled in school since she started.  Not huge struggles, just not huge success.  I was always afraid that she would be a kid that hated school, a kid that hated to learn.  I prayed that she would love learning and it wasn't until 4th grade that I was able to see evidence of the dedication of prayer.  This past Monday the artist received her report card (2 A's and 4 B's), along with a note from the teacher telling me how excited she is everyday!  

Right now, I am burning the midnight oil sewing to get ready for my first ever craft show.  It is a lot of work.  A lot of time spent away from my family.  I have been wondering if it is really worth it?  I was beginning to loath sewing, something I had always loved.  But then he showed up.  Just when I saw impossibility in getting ready for the event Abba provided a display piece that I so desperately needed.  The best part - I was able to trade for the piece so another person received a gift -- I didn't need to keep this one to myself.  

During the summer, Michael had to step away from a job that he hated but our budget loved.  While it is still scary as we readjust line items, God has put him somewhere that he loves.  He enjoys going to work everyday.  He is respected.  The other items are falling into place but the most important thing is that my husband is tasting success in a different way - a meaningful way.  

And I as we get closer to celebrating the princess's 2nd birthday I am remind what a pleasant surprise she was.  A real big surprise!  And one I wouldn't trade for the world.  Since the princess has been born, life has been rapid.  She has reminded our entire family to slow down and enjoy life -- to pop bubbles, to dance in the rain, to laugh at a puppet, to hug before bed, to just live for the simple pleasures.  

So I thank you God for the trials.  I thank you for the lessons.  I thank you for reminding me to stop, to be intentional and enjoy life for what it is.........and it is great!

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