Eating soft foods

God, I am so sick of eating things that swallow me first.  You know things like Jello (yuck), Oatmeal (double yuck), and seriously now I can say ice cream.  I am sick of ice cream?  What is the world coming to? But five days of eating things you really don't like just because it is the only thing you CAN eat makes a girl think.

Over the last five days of hearing my stomach growl, feeling weak, and wanting only what I couldn't have -- reminded me of an article I read about Haiti in National Geographic a few years ago.  You see people in Haiti are hungry.  They are weak.  And most of the time the only thing they have to eat is clay.  It reminded me to be grateful that I had jello, oatmeal, and ice cream to eat.  That God provides what I need to help my body heal and I am grateful.  It might not always be what I think I need but only the Lord knows and is the forever provider.  

I have attached the article so you can see a little bit of Haiti.  A beautiful country who years ago decided to face away from God. 


A picture of the border of the Domincian Republic and Haiti.  Haiti is to the left.  Can you see the deforestation of Haiti and how it has effected the country?

I pray for the people of Haiti and that they would see the great provider that the Lord is.

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