None the Wiser

         Since Friday, my life has looked kind of like this.....

                                                                              Source: cuteoverload.com via Lynn on Pinterest

This was Saturday (except I was only going nuts - not eating them)

                                                                                Source: attackofthecute.com via Heather on Pinterest

Sunday was even better (after taking the pain meds I could swear I was swimming while sitting still)

                                                                             Source: cutestfood.com via Twyla on Pinterest

with blurs of this....

                                                              Source: circle-b-kitchen.squarespace.com via Emily on Pinterest

and occasionally this....

                                                                                   Source: thekitchn.com via Bari on Pinterest

Followed by a visit kneeling in front of this
                                                                            Source: us.kohler.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Would I say getting my wisdom teeth out was a good decision? Probably not. 
Would I say another lesson in humility wouldn't hurt? Probably so.
 So, maybe I may be none the wiser, getting my wisdom teeth out gave me some additional wisdom after all? 
 I will let you know when the meds wear off.

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  1. It gets better Heather, I promise! I felt like I would never chew anything ever again when I had all four of mine surgically removed. The pain meds made me feel as if there were things crawling all over my skin, which is a horrible feeling! Needless to say, applesauce is not the only food I eat ;) I do feel better without them....now :)