Painting Furniture

A few weeks (no, I am lying) a few months ago, I found this little beauty on Craigslist.  I believe it was once the bottom of a hutch.  It is a bit taller than a dresser, leaner than a dresser and perfect for our breakfast room a.k.a freakishly small dining room.  It was listed for 50, I snagged it for 40. This little gem is SOLID wood — very heavy.  It came with what the seller thought were the most adorable apple shaped knobs.

First off, I knew the knobs had to go!  See-ya knobs!  I also knew the orange tinged stain was a goner too.  Looked like it was time to get dirty! 

This was my first time painting furniture (well, I painted one piece on a whim 9 years ago, with the wrong type of paint so that doesn't count).  I was incredbility nervous as I walked into Home Depot to get supplies.

  Now, don't get me wrong - - I was practically raised in a Home Depot.  Walking onto a job site or into a construction store is in my blood.  Heck, my dad ingrained The Home Depot so thick in my blood that I even worked there for a few years!  

Anyway, I walked into HD armed with what I needed in mind -- a great color of paint ( a remix of Halycon Green by SW), a paint brush (do not chinch on this one my friends), a foam roller, stain and finishing wax.  There you go!  What I ended up with was a quart of primer plus primer in one from Behr (helloooooooo Behr!).  And Stain and Wax (clear) from Miniwax.  In all supplies were 33.09. 

I am waiting for a later date to write a full tutorial on how I did this but for now I will share that THIS MAMA HAS MAD SKILLS!

  Seriously, I am so happy with the piece!  While I do not think the aging is perfect -- for my first time I am seriously HAPPY!  I love the color, the texture, the Pottery Barn type hard finish on the paint -  I love, love, love the new piece!  It is the perfect addition to the breakfast room!  

The part I love best about this project is the investment.  In all painting, staining, waxing took me 3 hours.  I was even able to include the kids on most of it.  I spent 40 on the piece.  Then spent another 33 on supplies.  If you recognize the fact that there are enough supplies left to probably finish 4 more pieces then I really only spent 6.60 on supplies.  So for a custom piece that I drool over every time I see it -- a grand total of 46.60!  Yup - one happy mama! 

And since you might be concerned about the apple knobs -- as I drove out of the Craiglists ladie's neighborhood she chased me down with these black oil rubbed beauties in her hands!  Thank you Jesus! 

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