Storms of life

I saw this posted on Pinterest today and pinned it. 

The continuing mantra in my life "to remember, everyone is fighting a battle."

But it wasn't until tonight that I had a little more understanding of this picture.  
I went on a normal run tonight.  
The first three were great.  
Then, the sky broke open.  
The wind pounded the front of me.  
It hurt to open my eyes.  
It hurt to move.  
It was cold.  
It was wet.  
I had no phone.  
I didn't know where to go.  
It took every part of me to forge ahead.

Doesn't this scenrio describe a storm in life?  There are times where it hurts to think, it hurts to love, it hurts to live.  But something inside of you knows that you need to keep forging ahead and to not look behind you. 

Remember your storms when you are dealing with people.  For who knows where they might be in their storm.  Can they open there eyes and see ahead?  Could they be hurting so bad that it hurts to move ahead?  Are they lost? Could you stop for a moment and give them a dry reprieve? 

At the end of my storm tonight - the sky cleared.  I saw my church at the end of the road.  There was a rainbow leading my way.  God's promise in the storm.   

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