Student of The South - learning how to spell

Ok, Ok, I get the message!  Multiple emails later - I will concede.  It is y'all.  One word - done. 

Now, I must admit before I ventured into my burlap pumpkin making craziness I did look.  I googled it to be exact.  That is where I found THREE spellings for it.  You can go with y'all, ya'll, or some people forget about the a all together and write y'll.

I am not really sure who does what in Alabama, or how your grandmother's nanny spelled it when she was a youngin' in Mississippi but I live in Georgia, and my public has spoken.  For now on, any burlap creations that come from my house will have the Y'all on it.  Are YOU ALL happy?

For as many emails as I received about my southern misspellings, I received a bunch of requests that I begin selling these little burlap beauties.  The answer is yes!  I will be coming up with different designs.  For right now, a Happy Fall Y'all pumpkin will run 25.  But this special little gem - you can have for 18- (only one spelled wrong available) 

And while I have your attention, might I go on record that I may have sworn in the past that I wouldn't use the word y'all or buggy - I promise you that I will NEVER "carry" someone somewhere or wear makeup to the gym.  That is all I have to say about that......

......oh wait - and pizza is NOT Little Caesar's! 

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