Talk to me

I talk a lot during the day.  
To tell you the truth - I enjoy talking.
I rarely meet a stranger. 

Whether it be face to face, facebook posts, messages, texts or emails.  There are a ton of words that come from my freckled face.  

But it wasn't until today till I stopped and thought about what I really said.  
What did my words do during the day?  
What did my words destroy?  
How did my words honor God?  
Did my words work towards building anything? 
Did they insight excitement for life?  
Those words, did they love?  
Did they hate?  
Did they judge?  

Did I let my preteen daughter know that she is absolutely the most beautiful gal I know?
Did I remind my friend that I admire her journey to become a healthy woman?
Did I thank the person who gave so selfishly?
Does my husband know that I trust him and know that he is working hard?
Does my friend, who just took a pt job driving a taxi, know that I amazed by her commitment to her family?
Does my friend forging ahead with a life changing ministry know that I pray for that ministry every day?
Did I apologize when I need too?  

There were so many opportunities that I missed today.  So many times I wanted to just keep talking and so little times that I took time to think more than I spoke.  Wonder how many times my lips were moving so fast that I forgot to listen along the way too? 

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