Five Dollar Frame

I have been looking for the perfect frame for the princess's 1 year old photo.  Mind you she is about to be three so evidentally looking for a frame is hard work.  

My friend, Cassie, captured the perfect moment of Sweet little P and I wanted to make sure that it was remembered correctly.  Add to that, ADD issues, a new baby, job change, and a big move.......I really never looked for the frame

Until the other day, I happened upon this 4.98 beauty in the Target clearance section.  Traditionally, I like my frame to be a piece in their own but the beauty of the picture going in this frame needed its' own space.

In comes my friend - paint, a litttle distressing, and glaze.  Just a hint of color.  It was perfect.  Next it was time to tackle the WHITE mat.  A bit of tacky glue spray and some burlap did the trick. 

So for 4.98 I finally have my master piece.  She is hanging in the breakfast room.  Come over and gaze at her beauty.  

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