Hello Monday!

Awwww, so I have taken many a break during the last many months.  Needing time to get my head on straight as I would say.  Then there were flu stricken kids, friends that needed loving, husband that needed me, and getting sick myself.  

But the first of the year brought its' challenges and answers.  Answers to some prayers.  And though they are not the "quick fix" we all hope for, they are answers, plans, and goals that I have been searching for.  

So here we go!  A new sense of love.  A new yearning for daily creative feeding.  A new desire to not be like everyone else - to be like me.  A new time to EMBRACE.  My word of the year EMBRACE. 

So Hello Monday!  Hello February!  Hello to a good life to share! 

Hello to spreading a little love and feeling like we live in London, not Georgia

Oh, Hello little wreath tutorial being posted tomorrow.

Hello to pretty bright spring colors for Princess P's spring dresses.

Hello to "did I actually find time to sew?"  WOW

Hello to 2nd and 3rd place in the Pinewood Derby District Racing.  yeehaw

Hello to pretty chevron dress and the prettiest little one who does not like her picture taken. :(

Another tutorial this week!  Hellooooo!

He sleeps, I click.  Hello.

New hoop art, hope with hellos

Hello to finally a great book for the entire church to read.  I have enjoyed the feedback from everyone and interested to see what it does in my life and theirs.

Hello, sweet home soon to go in a hoop

And as much as I have enjoyed our Chinese Student staying with us - this stuff, I can say good bye too.

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