Hello Monday

Hello to a new week.
Goodbye to a get weekend get away.
There will be more.

That's me!

That's Pretty!

That was a fun table - great night!

That's perfect.

That is Historic.

That's as bright as I'll get.

That's love.

That's the perfect end to the perfect weekend.

Hello Monday, please be kind my friend.
Hello Monday, I come to you fully recharged - can I keep that for awhile.
Hello Monday, please keep my kids healthy the entire week.
Hello Monday,  help me face the fears of acting on my ideas.
Hello Monday, let’s take the world on together so we can celebrate Friday as it deserves!


  1. You are the cutest and sweetest thing ever, Heather - having you as a friend is such a blessing to my life.

    Happy Monday!

  2. You are pretty snazzy yourself! I love your heart!
    Happy rest of the week - end of the season is right.around.the.corner - praying for you!