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Love, love, love my daughter's Goodbyns!  
These little green beauties make packing a nuterious lunch easy peasy! 
They are easy to close and fit perfect in her 31 gifts lunch bag.

I ordered the set a while back when a creative blog I follow was having a 40% coupon code.  For 9.60 plus shipping, I ordered the Mix and Match set.  It came with one sandwich case, one small meal container, one snacks, and two dippers.  The set comes in  green or pink, I choose the green.  All Goodbyn products are BPA free which leaves this mama of four happy.

Every morning, I find it a breeze to pack Princess P's lunch.  I pack all natural ranch in one of the dippers with carrots sticks in the other part of the container.  Then I usually put some all natural pretzels, cereal or some other crunch on the other side (the girl likes crunch).  I find that the snack container is the perfect size for a few ounces of yogurt and some fruit.  I rarely use the sandwich container but am sure as she grows that I will.  

I find that I save a lot of money by using the Goodbyn system.  For just one child, I buy less plastic bags.  The portion controls of the system allow less food waste and it has cut down on purchases.  I am also more aware of what I am putting into my children's lunch.  I do not just grab items in the pantry to shove in a lunch box.  Not to mention that buying bigger items at the store saves money too. 

As the weather gets warmer, I look forward to taking the snack container to the park with us to enjoy some healthy breaks. I also hope to add the water bottle to Princess P's collection.

The big three are also getting Goodbyn's soon.  They are the perfect thing for this busy family.  The Goodbyn system helps us save time and money while keeping this mama aware of what she is packing for their lunches.  It is a great product and I highly recommend it! 

**Goodbyns did not compensate me for this post, but if they would too :)***


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