On reading non fiction......

A very good friend of mine will begin to snicker even at the title of this post.  It is true, I have a problem.  I just can not read fiction.  

Seriously, give me a book for dummies - I am all over it with a highlighter.  A biography - I am in heaven.  Cast away a design book - it is in my hands pronto.  Even when all there is is a story to read - it better be the truth and your own experience.  

Ironically with all that real life buzzing around I have a severe distaste for most reality TV.  I will watch the beginning episodes of American Idol only to watch people's dreams crushed (I'm a bit of a terrible person at times).  Biggest loser - I only watch the finale.  And as for the Bachelor - yuck, icky, disgust - it is all yours my friends. 

I do reserve time for a good cooking show.  You will see in a minute why.  I also love anything to do with creating things.  I'm not into the shows that venture to Ikea to recreate a catalog picture but rather of half hour of really thinking, collaborating and finishing a project.

For 2013, I have finished two non fiction books and am working on my third.  Yes my dears, you read that right.  Mom of four with a small business, an house to care for, a school to volunteer at, a church to serve in, friends to care for, and a husband to love on has read 2.5 books in 8 weeks!  And if you read the tag line to yesterday's post you will know how I accomplish all this ;)

Thought I would share what has been on my list so far this year.  Be warned it is a mix bag of tricks.  I like to live a life of unpredictability.  Don't assume that a minivan driving mother of four is boring.  (well, at least in my eyes I am not).  

First on the list this year. The bad boy of the Travel Channel.  Seriously, it is so wrong to love this guy for so many reasons but I find him extremely smart, charismatic, and entertaining.  He is not the dreamy kind of guy in any way (Michael is) but he amazing never the less. This was a great read of real life.  A great read of hard work.  A great read in general.  Just not for my faint of heart friends.  I must say it is amazing that he is still alive.  

or borrow it from me

Second for the year was a bit more of an education, just not an education of the streets.  I have been reading a ton of other blog posts about this book and thought I would check it out.  Well worth reading while sitting in the bed with the flu.  

It is honestly not rocket science but those who know my hippy food self best are probably snickering right now.  

Basically, in today's food world and health world - vegan (organic vegan) is best.  Can't say I don't agree.  Yet, I am not sure what I am going to do with this information for now.

or borrow it from me
And currently on the list of non fiction love is a book that has been out for a few years but oh how the timing is so right to read it now.  (I will share that a bit tomorrow).  So far, half way through, I love every minute of it.  So funny.  While reading it, think outside the box (you know who I am talking to).  It is inspiring. 

There are a few more immediate non fiction beauties already waiting for a good read.  They include - Confessions of a Wall Flower (again I know I am behind the times), HTML/CSS for dummies (truly inspirational for all), and Photoshop Elements for Dummies (again- I know you are laughing).  

Then, I am at a loss.  I need some help!  What are you reading write now?  Remember, I am not into vampires, shades of anything, or zombies.  Beyond that, suggest away my friends.  

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