Spring Wreath

I'm not really a Valentine's day decor kind of girl.  I love red, love pink and love hearts - but it's just not my thing.  Now don't get me wrong - I go could for any classic vintage style Valentine's but those are hard to find.  

Instead, this February, I choose to make a transitional wreath of sorts.  Maybe a winter hope wreath.  It is inspired by the candy flying around the house right now.  This wreath wishes for the bright colors of spring flowers.  And it is simple - something I have spent the winter trying to find.  

My bright little wreath requires just a few supplies.....
1- 10 inch foam wreath.  I used one that was smooth on the sides
1- skein of multi colored yarn.  The inspiration for this project.
4 - sheets of felt.

In all about 10.00 worth of easy to get supplies.

First, you need a starting point.  It is always so hard for me to find the end point on yarn so I just clip and snip.  The end of your yarn needs to be hot glued to your wreath.  Then wrapped your little heart away.  I would say this is boring!  So boring!  But it is a great time to catch up on your favorite episode of Project Runway!  Just keep wrapping.  I stopped every four inches or so, added a dap of hot glue (just for good measure). 

When you are done wrapping your heart away (or your episode on Netflix is over) finish the end with hot glue.

See, how simple was that?  A yarn wrapped wreath.  Who knows, you might change the world with that thing?

I chose to jazz up my wreath with some really simple felt mums.  Seriously, these little stinkers took me ten minutes and I love the results.  (And if you stick around on Wednesday, I will teach you how to make those).

In the meantime, my wreath makes me happy to come home.  A sweet little reminder that spring is almost here.  The birds will be out and the yard work will need to be done.  In the meantime, I think I will plan a felt bunting to add to the door - can't have too much happy around here!  

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