awwwwww, NOT!

I strongly dislike emails, facebook status updates, and messages with - Aw. 
Not for me.
Although I know that people mean it with the best regards.
But to me it is kind of like saying, “suck it up and get over it.”
Or maybe someone would use it to describe someone; like a little baby.  Why wouldn’t you just say, “she is so cute!”
What really drives me nuts is the awwwwwww......you know the one with 15,000 w’s on the end?  Why not just spell it right to begin with?  Does it mean more with more w’s or is it more insulting with additional letters?

awe,aw, awful

Think about it, the word “aw” is one root to the word awful.  Do you know what awful means?  Yup, exactly.  Don’t use the word aw - it is not nice. Or maybe I'm just not?

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