The Eyes Have It.

Some are too quick to speak.  I am one of those people.  
When it comes to putting foot into mouth, I am wicked talented.  There are theaters packing out just to hear me blurt out something insane, and to see what shoes I am wearing.  I feel like before I speak I should check to make sure I have on good shoes.  Skinny ballet flats with no heel at all are preferable.  
This past week the doors of “open your mouth and insert foot” were wide open.  I was going to be surrounding by people who needed to hear the mean things I have to say.
Then the day came and there they were.  They hurt me in a deep way and now was my time to make that right.  I debated all week how I was going to let them have.  Sometimes I envisioned myself blowing up and throwing four letter words around like free candy.  Then I think, I will just run to them crying, “asking how could you do this?”
But before I choose door number one and entered the room of no return, I prayed.  I asked God to make my mind work ten minutes faster than my mouth.  Funny thing is - he did. 
It was amazing.  I didn’t say a word.  My shoes stayed on the ground just sitting there on my duck feet.  But the opportunity to stand on firm ground came in silent waves.
There was someone I dreaded having to shake hands with.  When he approached, I just crossed my arms around shook my head “no”.  That was all we both needed to know.  Big message in a silent way.
Then there was the big fish. Oh I wanted to fry that fish so bad. I honestly dreamed about how I would lay him out on the floor.  Funny thing is, I would feel sick after those dreams.  
In the end, it doesn’t necessarily take one part to convey a message. That is why we have more than just a mouth.  And while I didn’t say a word to the big fish - - I let him know that he didn’t win, that he was no longer the big fish.  My eyes let him know.  The sweat on his forehead let me know.  God was bigger than my words because he is the only one who can work on someone’s soul.    

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