Today at precisely 11:30, I became a tenant.  Weird.  I am renting what used to be my house from someone else - the new owners of the place.  As I drove up the driveway from finishing the closing it hit me hard that this place is no longer mine.  I thought that was terribly unfair until God reminded me of something. 

This house I write to you from was never really mine to begin with.  God provided the funds to buy it.  He found it for us.  It was Jesus who allowed us to borrow it for his good.  This house was a shelter to raise our family in.  When some were weary, they came here to rest.  It was a place for us to worship.  

And while I find our family apprehensive of the changes ahead of us, I know a few things will remain steady along the way and we will continue to be tenants (stewards) of his plan.

Our family - his
Our next house - his.
Our children - his.
Our marriage - his.
Our belongings - his.
Our gifts - his.
Our time - his. 
Our business - his.
Our bodies - his.
Every single thing - HIS.  

Out of God's building, this building, we were to produce fruit.  I know that there were times that we missed the mark.  But I have seen some great things happen in this place.  That is a privilege.   


  1. You are precious friend and I love the awesome perspective you have!

  2. Thank you for the continuing encouragement, with that I would be a sitting duck!

  3. Love it. Love you! Praying for your families transition.