Spring Break

Best left in Pictures...We had a great Spring Break.  And we didn't even have to go to the shore.

Gerber daisies - the color is very inspiring.

Camping is Cool 

I can't believe the woman let me eat Cheetos

First Haircut - we are very big on personal space

Eight Crazy Puppies

Loving the sand

It's the lake, but hey - it's a beach

coloring Easter Eggs

This is serious Business

The reason I hate doing this - ick

Almost nine and still handsome as the day I first saw him!

If it's messy, I am happy

First time!

Again, an issue with personal space strikes another

super excited over the super cheap Easter Baskets - made mom and dad feel better

Don't eat my bunny

Super cool vintage toys

remember any of those?

Golf Cart rides with the radio up

Finally, she wears something I made - Thank you Lord

Lots of people fit into one van

Egg Hunt!

beating eVeryone

Again, personal space

Take the pictures


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