Dinner with Samuel

Six people total were sitting at the table behind us at Moe’s.  A very tall man, a teenage girl, a middle school boy, a second grade boy, a kindergarten boy, and a pre-k girl.  Quietly eating their overstuffed burritos.  In the middle of the meal dad looks up from the table and quietly says, “ last year at this time we were at the beach.”
That statement brought together my entire weekend.  
“Last year we were together at the beach.”
That is a weird one for an impact statement, but really it is not.  I know this family.  Last year they were together - all 9 of them.  Mom, dad and the 7 kids all together.  But now they are in a much different place.  
Dad is at home in Arkansas with the three oldest children while they finish school.  Two children live with an aunt in a city near to me in Georgia.  The two youngest, Samuel and Libby, live with their aunt Karen here in Marietta.  Their mom is with Jesus.  She passed last fall of a quick battle with cancer. 
In just three short months their lives changed forever. And it can happen that quick to anyone of us. Only God knows what tomorrow brings.
So enjoy those times at the beach.  Enjoy the days that it is hard to be a mom.  Enjoy those trials that bring you closer together.  Take each day for what it is.  Take each day and make it beautiful.  Because time works quicker than we will all like.
For me this will mean more kisses for my kids, more time cuddling, finding opportunities to smile, loving, serving, and searching for the peace in any circumstance that only Christ gives.   

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