Meet Me-Me

I meet a ME-ME today.  From across the playground, she introduced herself with squinted eyes - starring daggers at my little one and I as we entered the gate.  

As I began to play and chase Princess P - she stood dangerously close, like she was trying to hear our conversation.  It wasn't as if I was trading secrets of the DOJ with my toddler.  

There was a simple chase, calling her name, and a tickle afterwards.  But this lady would not stop following us.  I think her spandex clad, stressed out hair-do self was more concerned about my daughter and I then her grandchildren.  Although I am a natural people magnet (LOL) -- I just couldn't figure it out. 

Then it happened.  She asked, "is that really her name?".  Why yes, plastic surgery needing grandma - it is on her shirt for God's sake. 

And while she did not think I expected it, she asked the second question that everyone who always asks, "why would you name a child that?".  This was a light version of question #2.  Usually question two involves some kind of cuss word in it too. 

These questions make me laugh.  At first I want to cuss at her, Do you think I am embarrassed about my daughter's name? Do you think I care what you think about her name?  No, not really.  I named my daughter after a kind, motherly, active, smart, decisive, Godly, thankful, learning, giving, graceful, strong, patriotic, and passionate woman -- so no problems here.     

So I politely smiled, nodded yes, followed with the explanation I just gave you all.  

What was different this time was that before Me-Me could ask another condescending question,
I asked her, "What is your name?".  
She replied,  "Me-Me - spelled ME- ME."
Her smile reached the corners of her face - she was proud.  
That was until I said, "ironic - pointing to my daughter- her middle name is Grace."

And with that HIS work was done.  I held my head high - proud of my daughter's name- and went on to enjoy my day.  Me-Me on the other hand, stood for a period of time speechless, shook her head, called for her man purse carrying son and left the playground with her two grandchildren in tow.  

(((don't tell anyone but I think I won that one)))))  

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