Hello Monday!

Hello to a fast first year of marriage to My SIL and BIL - I love you guys!  ((Did I mention a baby coming in about two weeks!  Can not wait to meet my nephew))

Hello to looking like a baby at the wedding last year- WOW she has grown up fast!

Hello to last year's summer fun list.  Slacker mom hasn't made one yet this year but I can say we are having fun!  How about a last month of the summer list?

Hello!  Loved the nature on the trip to the mountains, love to visit! 

Hello to visiting the woman who taught me so much!  She is amazing and I am thankful for her!  I can count with a few fingers the number of people who love me completely unconditionally and she is the top one!

Hello to having my camper back! 

Hello to beautiful memories from a 3/4 family trip! 

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