Farmhouse Dreaming

In 14 years of marriage Michael and I have lived in 5 different places -- all in the same town.  I don't think we really meant on being nomads wandering within a 10 mile radius but it just seem to work out that way.  Honestly, 14 years ago we had dreams of this..........with four kids, the dogs, and a life.

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But as the kids get older, life gets more entangled and we begin to think that escaping to the country will really never be more than a dream.

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Moving into this present house, made that dream appear eons away.

This is really a great house.  The neighbors are awesome.  I am thankful.  But it is not everything I envisioned for dwelling at this point in life.  It is not bad by any means.  It is just not us.  I feel boxed in.  I feel like the dream is outside of that box.  ((sigh)).

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But it is what it is - for now and a decision has been made to embrace what NOW is.  Not saying there won't be a little struggle along the way, but I am determine to treat our time here not as a pit fall but rather a chance to grow.

After all, mastering a small garden will help us learn the ins and out of taking care of 20 acres.  Decorating the dining room as a farmhouse banquet hall might allow some nights to feel as if we are dining under the stars.  Taking care of neighbors so close will open the doors to appreciate them more when they might be so far.

So my little corner of subdivision, behind the stone wall, pie will be everything great I know it can be. Great training for what is yet to come.

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