Student of the South

I am not a child of the south, more like a student. 

There is so much I love about living below the Mason-Dixon line.

My most favorite has to be sweet tea.  With a little peach or some mint and -perfecto!
I love the rolling hills, lakes, and sweet dotted hillsides of farms.

There are, however, things that I just haven't quite embraced during my studies of the south.
Not to say that I hate these things, it is just in the last 18 years I have not fallen in love - for example, doughnuts.

I love DD.  Love their coffee.  Love their lightly sugared raised doughnut (with the occasional chocolate frosted thrown in the mix).  I am a product of a doughnut north.

That was until last week, last week was my first adventure to a Krispy Kreme. 

As my Yankee friends gasp and my southern friends applaud, I will tell you each to hold tight. 

I loved Krispy Kreme for its' nostalgic appeal. 

Not to mention - who doesn't like eating somewhere that gives away hats!

And I am not one to run from a fountain of icing.  Oh sweet nectar. 

But while Krispy Kreme made my kids giggle with delight, I will 


a DD girl.

But I know that Michael is still a child of the south.  I know because no Yankee could ever swallow four of these monstrosities in 30 minutes! 


  1. Oh my! How can you NOT love KK?!?! It is ok, I will still love you anyway! Mike can down a dozen of them with ease...barf! Too much sugar! Yes there is such a thing lol.

  2. I did try one, only one. We were not instant friends. Not sure what it was. Sometimes if you don't know how the thing you call "food" was created then perhaps it is better digested? Maybe it was the floors soaked in oil that needed to be cleaned up that turned me off? I will stick with my little indian friend who says the word ,"mocha" in a way only he can :)

  3. Your husband and my husband could probably have a KK donut eating contest. I have never seen anyone eat as many "hot donuts now" in one sitting as my husband can. It is insane! Glad you got to finally enjoy them. If it makes you feel any better, we didn't get a KK in Marietta until I was in high school so we were raised under the DD umbrella. :0)

    PS: Next time, try the KK lemon filled. Yummy!

  4. Good thing you have umbrellas my friend - that way you could taste a real doughnuts