So here comes 36

Thirty Five was the craziest year of my life.  
I should have sat down and wrote myself a letter at the beginning of last year.  If I did, it would have read like this.
Dear Heather, 
This year, is going to be crazy.  Crazier than the year you had two babies from two different places almost at the same time.  It is going to be the year you loose the total control that you so much think you enjoy.  Your world will be turned upside down for a bit.  For a year it will seem to be awful.  

Please remember.....
always to love.
stand firm in the light.
eat, sleep, nourish.
enjoy the little blessings.
recognize joy stealer's.
find trust in people.
fiercely seek justice.
fight when right.
be quiet at the other times.
always listen.
know it is Ok to be strong.
learn this lesson only once.
take terrible and make it beautiful.
believe in yourself.
ignore lies.
take a compliment.
find adventure.
accept boundaries and establish new ones when you need to.  

Love yourself.

Thirty Five was hard - no lie.  Would I have willingly asked for the opportunity to go thru what I did - no.  Am I thankful that I was given the opportunity to go thru what I did - yes.  Thirty five found parts of me that were hiding-   An artist, a writer, a lover of people, a motivator, and a student. The best is yet to come.   

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