Surprise - it's your birthday!

I had the best birthday week EVER! 
Really my birthday was to be on the 16th but my husband started the fun a week early with a surprise tag along trip to south Florida!  It was crazy getting the kid together with 48 hours notice but it was so worth it in the long run.

We spent Tuesday night at my dad's house.  I love staying at his house!  He was so gracious to let me use his car for the next two days.  Wednesday I had the best run along the sea wall of the intercoastal followed by a mini shopping trip to City Place.  A quiet morning of coffee and writing was close to heaven but one stop at my favorite - do not get to visit that often- store Anthropolgie proved to be best.  I snagged the perfect happy morning mug and the best go-to silver mum earrings!  yummmo!

Doesn't this mug just make you happy?  And do you see that gem of a Ikat inspired shirt from the Gap. Everything for under 25- too!  Yipppeee

Then in the afternoon, my view changed - and oh so much for the better!  I met my guy in Fort Lauderdale and the view was fantastic!

 We spent a while taking in the beach.  Then had a date at a very special place.  It was great just to have my hubby all to myself 

Then Thursday came - no alarms to ring.  There was a beautiful breakfast waiting on me downstairs and in just moments - it was back to the beach. 

Do you see that bag?  Holding my idea notebook, a great pen, all sitting next to an iced mocha - did anyone say - HeAvEn?

And while a few hours at the beach is better than no hours at the beach, my bliss was disrupted a few hours later by 40 + children at summer camp.  

Ahhh, the water was perfect that day.  The breeze slightly to the south.  The sand not too hot - perfect all around. Until the screaming......

The day was finished with a late lunch with one of my best friends - my dad.  I met him at the mall he runs.  It is so fun to see which new shop he helped build.  I got to see Stella McCartney's new digs, and was amazed by the detail at the Alexander Mcqueen Store front.  Lunch with dad was fabulous and the coconut sorbet was to die for.  Did I mention the hammered silver earrings from Calypso?  

Yes, the week was great!  I got to hang with two of my favorite guys.  There was an opportunity to breathe.  My idea journal found three new pages of inspiration.  I missed my kids but did I really have to go home?


  1. Glad you had a renewing get-away. They are key for inspiration, I think.

  2. I know you are right! Whether it is a get away to the back yard shaded porch swing, or maybe an hour at Starbucks - it doesn't have to be a plane ride and hotel to be inspirational. I think the best inspiration is investing in the people around you!