Dad's HOuse - a tour

I love going to my dad's house.
It is so relaxing.
His neighborhood is full of historic charm.
My dad and step mom are incredibly talented designers and always have something new in the works.
So I thought I would share a little bit of Dad's cottage.

Front of dad's house.  I love the herringbone brick and palms for shade

This is on the side of their house.  Love the tone

The front sitting room right inside the door.  I love coming to dad's house when it is occasionally cold and sitting by the fire place.  

Just way cute

I love the tiles that were put on the fireplace.  Who needs straight lines?

Library area next to the main sitting area. My step mom always has little treasures to look at over here. 

Main Hallway.  Love the use of mirrors to make a bigger space. 

Simple, Sophisticated Dining area.  The table is the best!

My dad designed this kitchen and it is beautiful.  He vaulted the ceilings to give the small room a bigger feel.  It is simple, full to tons of useful spaces, and just lovely.  

Family room in the back of the house.  This room has my favorite brick flooring, and full wrap around windows.  You feel like you are outside. 

Even the 1920's garage off the house is adorable!  See the herringbone stone?  

My dad's best friends.  Buddha on the left and Dharma on the right.  Dharma was a recent rescue who is the absolute sweetest dog.  They are boys on the run.  

This is my favorite piece!  I don't know why.  Maybe the way it works together in a weird kind of way?

View outside the guest room to yet another lovely garden.  There are often orhids growing out here. 

I love the honey comb feeling of this pendant.

Beautiful driftwood centerpiece on the dining table.  Changes with the seasons.  I love the birds on it right now. 

While most items in the house are white.  The same color scheme is broken up with texture and tone. 

Little corners lay everywhere

My favorite pictures of my sister and I feeding ducks when we were little.  My dad is really a great photographer and I have the camera he took these with.  

My favorite mirror ever.  The picture is bad but the color is awesome!

Creative use of a curio cabinet in the bathroom! 

Who doesn't want a group of toparies.


Pictures of my big two when they were about three and one - be still my heart

This is the most beautiful table ever!

One more reason my dad is one of my best friends!  Smart guy!

Mail box, still hand delivered

I am blessed to have many talented people in my life.  I find my dad and step mom and constant source of artistic inspiration.  They are both wicked talented in many different ways.  Hope you enjoyed a visit to my dad's place. 

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