Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta Review

Yup - that would be a five out of 10 folks.

Things I liked about the place-
1. buying tickets online saves you money
2. it is cute
3. the 4D movie is actually really good.
4.  The miniture Atlanta built from legos was neat for about 10 minutes
5. Spending tons of time with my little guy - PERFECT

Things I did not like-
1. the lack of professionalism amongst the employees
2. the droves of daycare group when you are suppose to have an assigned time to enter
3. It was dirty
4. 5 total events.  One event, anyone over 4 ft. tall could not do.  One event, just for girls. The race car event was a three foot track - lame.
5. Over priced Cafe that we avoided.

Things to know - 
1. probably best for ages 4-7 (or maybe 8)
2. Lots of legos to build with (which you can do at home too)
3. After 4 pm is 12.50 (which still gives you amble time to do everything)
4. Not geared towards bringing a toddler with you at all.
5. It is really easy to loose your children and the security is lack luster at best.
6. check and see if daycare groups will be there or not.

I am not really sure if we could go back again.  Now don't get me wrong, we LOVE legos at our house -- all 1,000,000 pieces of them!  It was a great day out with my 6 year old but could have been better if the staff had been more attentive in general.  I would say if you were going with more than one child do not bring a walking toddler or someone over 9 - - they will be bored to death.  Go after 4 and save 7.00 a ticket.  Do not expect it to be like a Disney run event.  

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  1. Interesting... Our 10 year old Lego fanatic loved his day there with his class from school. It does seem a bit expensive.