summer swimming

Water is just not my friend.  I love the beach and enjoy watching my children in the pool -- just don't ask me to get in. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love the beach.  It is an unbelievable experience feeling the sand squish between your toes after months away.  I dream across the ocean there is someone looking right back at me.  It is wonderous to know there is a whole other world waiting across water.  As dreamy as the beach is, I just can't get in that beautiful water.  I can only appreciate it from afar.

The pool.  Now the pool and I have no big dreams.  I enjoy watching my kiddos splash in freedom, but  there is no endless expanse in a 10 x 20 tub of chlorine.   I am not enamored by the crash of the ocean, no feeling of the sand between my toes -- just not there.  So I spend my time with a good non fiction and concrete decking.

The biggest problem I have with both is floating things.  My own pet peeve that will haunt me until my death.  If it floats in the water -- no thank you.  I'm talking about a huge group of items; paper, plastic, fish, jelly fish, sticks, mud, and the worst seaweed.  

So for now, I will keep my feet on the sand and concrete.  There is a safe place there - from things that float.  

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