2014 Goals

Resolutions, everyone does resolutions. 

They all say, "I'm going to eat healthy, lose 20 lbs, run a marathon, organize my home, and spend more time with my family." but not until a crystal ball drops and the motivation switch suddenly turns on.

That crystal ball time line worked well for Cinderella, and I am pretty sure that she is the only one that it worked for.  

A resolution is a proclamation for change. 

Fine and dandy but how are you going to get to that change?  I can shout to the world, "I'm going to Hawaii!"  Do I just start walking and I will figure out a way or does that trip require a road map of sorts?  Resolutions have the great opportunity to turn into empty promises with no, result.

So goals, goals work better for me.  

A goal is actually the end result.  Goals are the umbrellas to a series of intentions.  Intentions are your road maps leading to your goals.  Kind of like building a house -- you wouldn't start at the roof would you?  

My goals can be broken into two sections of the world - business & personal.  My 
intentions will follow in another blog post. :)

Personal goals for 2014 

Seeking God - Jesus.  I don't know if he is on the back burner in my little world, but I certainly know that he isn't the lead.  This goal is the scariest in ways because he is calling this family to take a crazy leap of faith and I'm still holding on with bloody knuckles.  This needs fixing - now.

Intentional Self Care - This includes getting back to working out, eating healthy, and crazy to think sleep!

Relationships - there are few (very few) that are healthy.  Time to evaluate. This is not limited to adults, as my children get older, I need to evaluate where our relationships are as well.  

Stewardship- this word is thrown out a lot in church.  Usually it involves money, and that is important.  But we are stewards of every gift from above - time, love, money, our bodies the list is endless.  I want to be a good steward of all.

Business Goals for 2014

Money - to take better care of it and grow.  (it is a business)

Giving - if it is growing, we are giving more.  Intentionally, meaty giving.  

Involvement -  the message of #sofour is (so) important. It is about people.  It is vitally important that people are involved in what we are doing.  Win, win for everyone.  

Growth - If the prior three are healthy, this will be organic (my favorite word)

Then there are things that I would just like to do.  They might work, they might not.  I do not have a list of intentions to back them up right now but I need to keep my eyes open for opportunity to say - "yes!  I did that!  It was awesome"

1- sing in public. 
2- speak to a large crowd
3- run a marathon (I'm shaped like a weeble wooble)
4- travel with purpose

So, what are your GOALS for 2014?  How are you going to execute those goals?  Ready to hustle?  I am - let's GO! 

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