FInding Inspiration

How do you find inspiration?  Do you seek it?  Pray for it?  Yearn for it? 

Or does inspiration find you?  When you are driving, does it pop in front of the car?  Does inspiration come from someone's words?  

Inspiration seems to find me as much as I venture to find it.  It is a fortunate, and sometimes, overwhelming gift to accept.

Saturday mornings are my "meeting with myself" days.  I quietly stow away in the early hours, leaving my hipster hubby to manage the minions.

I am fortunate enough to live near a beautiful town square. You know the kind with a three tier fountain, flower lined central park, and tons of local stores.

Right off one of the brick paved side streets is the littlest blue door to the best hippie coffee shop around.  It has the worn wooden floors.  The staff looks like they just jumped off the plane from Portland.  The clientele is a mix of 50 something yuppie want a Be's to classic southern women.  It is an interesting meld that automatically opens your senses.

Thru the backyard of the coffee shop is the most broken up brick courtyard you will ever see.  It a mess of old tree roots and historic bricks.  It is always cool (even in the Atlanta sun).  The metal chairs and tables cast a shadow that seems to dance in the morning sun.  I love it there and wish that "progress" wasn't planning on ripping up it's imperfection soon.

 It is there that I pen on old fashion legal pads.  I dream.  It is an amazing gift.  Words flow, pictures develop, plans get tagged.  These are road maps for life.  Good stuff.

This is just one of the ways I debrief from the busyness of life.  There are a few others that I will share soon.  In the meantime, I encourage you to find an inspiration place.  The place where you feel so alone, yet so not alone.  The place to dream.  The place to plan.  

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