Business - what's in a name

What to name a business.  It can back fire or set you into jet fuel propelling.  It is something people agonize over as if they are giving birth to a baby all over again.  

I have been"professionally" sewing for 10+ years.  In that time there have been three business names.  I think each reflects a period of where and why the art was focused. 

First there was "Cotton Kisses".  Cotton Kisses was named after the sweetest yellow lab ever.  She always knew how to love people.  She took care of us.  And I knew as I sewed tote bags to bring home our Russian daughter that she would be the dog to watch over our new baby.  Cotton's Kisses lasted for a few years.  That business raised 10's of thousands of dollars to get the artist home.  It was an opportunity to learn.

Then "Nina Bina" was born.  She was again a result of prayer - a cry for provision for a family and the need to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  Nina Bina was always a happy business.  It was focused on monogram and applique in a time that was perfect.  I loved, loved, loved being a part of special moments in life. But there was an artist part of me that wasn't being fed.  Thankful, just not fed.

September 2013, an idea that had been on my heart for a long time starting to come to fruition.  It was great thanks to a dynamic group of people and once again, prayer.  It has all been a lot of hard work but fun work.  And once again - this Proverbs 31 woman is encouraged.  "So Four" means exactly what it says, so four.  So, I am the mom of four now - that basically means the sky is the limit.  God has pretty much given me some crazy superhero powers.  I am thankful.  

My four are so encouraging.
My four are so loving.
My four are a tight tribe.
My four are a blessing from above.
My four are a gift.

A gift of joy that I hope encourages you in your daily life.

So, when picking a name for a business you might be dreaming of.  Keep it simple.  Keep it close to your heart.  Because after all there can be a million people that do what you do but only one you who will be you.  

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