Marriage Vacation

We have 1, 2, 3, 4 kids. 

It is a gang basically.  
A fun gang.  
A gang who finds sleeping a boring past time.
A gang who eats without remorse of supply.

They are a ruling power (just don't tell them).

There are few times to breathe.  But a few times a year, my saint of a MIL takes the gang for a few days. 

One such time, was this past week.  

Folks, it couldn't have come at a better time — this duo needed a break.  

But this break was a bit different.  
There were no projects that we completed.
I didn't clean any closets.
The toys sat on the floor in the except spot where they were left. 

We enjoyed the break, we embraced the break.

My hubby and I ate where we wanted.  
We stopped to listen to pick up blue grass music.  
We took time at different stops to dream.   
We watched tons of West Wing re runs and talked for hours about politics (super geeks).

It was awesome!  And when they came home - it was even better!    

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